Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Day

I am going places.
Not really. I just thought If I'm gonna show my face, maybe I will show my feet too.

Here is another page in my Good Fortune Journal. I used two napkins on it. Don't forget that you can layer napkins. Fun Fun
And here is another hint. If you are unsure about a color palette for your piece, use the napkin colors as your guide. It will be good.

So here I am. Well actually this was yesterday but I had other news yesterday. Don't ask me why I need to show and tell my face. I can't answer that. And I can't tell it either.


  1. Sharon I have recently discovered your blog through Suzan B's blog! I love all your work and have gone a little napkin crazy...
    Am currently working on my first altered book and this is very inspiring, thanks for sharing :)

  2. This latest page for the good fortune journal is very nice. I like seeing your face so keep adding it whenever you feel like it.


  3. Beautiful pages
    and got love this glasses:)

  4. Sharon....I love your good fortune pages. I went out and bought a gazillion napkins after reading your blog for a while. I just love what you do with them. I just did a painting and put some on them. You can see it on my blog.

    P.S. You are beautiful!

  5. Sharon - you look smokin' hot in those red glasses! What a great color for the journal pages...layering of napkins, I must try that now!

  6. More napkin magic? You keep comin up with such good hints and ideas.

    The red glasses are terrific on you. New?


  7. loving the red thongs Sharon!!!!!
    (do you call them that or is that an aussie thing ??? LOL)

    Your journal is looking beautiful, i love it!!!!

  8. YOU ROCK IN THOSE GLASSES!! They really are fab and they match your flip flops. Fun, fun, fun.
    Your pages are always.

    xo Rella

  9. Lovely to see your face and you look gorgeous in red! (love those red thongs on your feet...I think you call them flip-flops in the USA)

    I love your latest journal pages, especially the one with the beautiful little bird.

  10. Oh I love this!!
    Your journal spread.
    And your red day.
    Great glasses!
    You have gorgeous eyes, by the way :-)

  11. Your new "DO" looks good! Congrats on the class. I know it will be fun and creative. If I lived in your area I would definitely come.

  12. I just love a gal that corindinates her flip flops with her glasses! That's a great photo of you....great journal page too. It bugged my daughter that she could only see half of your face on your old photo.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo suze

  13. I used to use decorative napkins a lot when I first was introduced to altered books several years ago. I'd forgotten all about them! Funny how we lose track of really neat ideas over time. I never thought to use them on canvas work, though. Must give that a try. Your journal looks GORGEOUS!

  14. I like the red glasses!! you are spunky lookin' !!!

  15. More great journal pages Sharon and red is definitely your colour.

  16. Hello, Sharon!
    For a few months now I have read your blog faithfully, with my morning cup o' java! Your art is breath~taking!
    You took a little time off from your blog last week, or the week before, and I nearly went bonkers, checking daily...waiting to see if you had posted or not! YIPPPEEE! YOU ARE BACK TO BLOGLAND! Thank You!!! ~ Missy

  17. I love these pics of YOU!!! It seems to make your artwork more real to me:D Go figure....LOL! Love the glasses and the Mug Cake (I don't even think I need to go there:)

  18. Well, look at you, you sweet thing! I have to go read about this mug cake business. It may be a new addiction!

  19. Whatever the reason, don't is so good to see you, your make me S_M_I_L_E!
    Hugs, Mary

  20. I like the picture of you too! And I think that's why you are showing yourself lately, because we all like what we are seeing and telling you so. Good luck and have fun with the class you are going to teach.

    I have a pair of bronze close-up glasses I love and I also have a pair of frosted white ones with rhinestones. I have to leave them all over the house because now that I am older I can't see up close without them. I'm not complaining though. I love the glasses.


  21. Hallo Sharon , you are a good looking woman ;o)
    And you makes beautiful art !
    Hugs from Rini
    The Netherlands

  22. Hi Sharon, I just found your blog and I love your art - I am also an avid art journaler although I have put more energy into other art projects for quite a while - thanks for sharing your art and your wonderful picture - visit me! Kartika

  23. Just got into this altered collage type of art and got lost in linkland.

    Stumbled upon your blog and I like you.

    Also, you have cool crazy toes on your right foot.
    frugal gal

  24. I was just looking back over your blog, greedy for more of your art and saw this picture again. It is adorable; red is definitely your color!


    P.S. I'm dying to find some more napkins for colllaging!

  25. I managed to happen upon your blog though I have no idea how i got here, lol. I'm really glad I did. You have some truly beautiful work. It's very inspiring. Your blog is going into my favorites.


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