Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mail ART Box

Sisters travel in style.
Here is a little peek of the box I'm sending the Tea Party Challenge in.
Haven't much time today because I have been doing ART-at-desk!!!
I will save the box top for another post.
I'm good here except my generator is not generating quite as fast as I would like.
It keeps wanting to go to sleep when I go home an sit down.
All is good though.
Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and saying so.
Enough now,


  1. What a gorgeous box! Oh the mail person will probably hold on it an extra day to look at it! I know I would! WINK!!!

  2. Sharon, I haven't even seen the top and yet I already know that if that box came to my house - I'd have a heart attack! It's wonderful!!!! YOU are so special, thinking of this gorgeous work of art!! I'm excited for those receiving it!!! Thanks for showing it....Pat

  3. Truly and sincerely I don't think there is a single thing you put your hand to that isn't fabulous! Just look at that wonderful box!!
    and by the way, I just adore that photo of you!!

  4. How COOL is that!?!!
    Yes, I'll take two please.

  5. Over the top gorgeous and sure to be a hit. I love it so.

    xo Rella

  6. I sure hope you are doing good through the storm. I will be praying for you. Stay safe. I always love looking at your art. You have the prettiest things.

  7. What a treat to receive such an "artful" box of treasures in the mail. Wonderful!!!!!

  8. Yiieeee! You set such high standards for the rest of us. The postal people must love to see you coming.


  9. What a lovely box Sharon! Oh my, they are going to flip when they see it, and we all know what's going inside is even more wonderful! I added a link to you in a blog post for your napkinsirations:-)

  10. I just found your blog via Pam do lovely work...and your napkin idea is fascinating...thanks for sharing !!

    may I add your link to my blog?

  11. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL box!! Someone will be THRILLED to receive it. And I hope they do...the lettercarrier may want it for themself!!

  12. I think you should go into business decorating boxes...that is too pretty to send away!

  13. Very cool box!! Congrats on being selected - how exciting!!

  14. The box is wonderful!!!!! Sharon, thank you so much for suggesting that I audition hands for my Good Withc/Bad Witch collage. How in the world did I not think of that? I tried, to no avail, to find some gloved hands, and I even tried drawing some, but they just didn't work. Four new models did get roles in this piece, though. If you have time, take a peek and see how my girls turned out.


  15. Awww! I love your box!
    That is something I would do!
    (well maybe not as nice a presentation as yours?)
    But I love putting extra care into presentation of packaging. It shows how much we care. :)

  16. The box is lovely enough without anything in it! I am going to buy cocoa powder tomorrow so that I can make a mug cake! What a idea!!

  17. what a lovely box, sharon - yay for sisters tea parties!!

    it's been awhile since i've been around, i've missed you and your blog.

  18. What beautiful art work you have created! I hope your doldrums are gone and you are enjoying your summer! Roxanne