Friday, July 25, 2008

Sister Trip

.....going to a tea party!

They are on their way. Some of the sisters are going to a tea party. It's sealed up and gone.
Here's me this week.
Seemed like a dark week for me.
Noting in particular.
Just summer doldrums.
I have to go look up that word.
To see what it means.
Ok, here it is: a state of inactivity or stagnation.
PS.... I really think it's the fact that a huge wind has blown through my studio. Yes, that's it. Looks like a tornado hit. And on top of that, all the butterflies have escaped.


  1. Gosh! Even your pkgs. are works of art, I would have a hard time cutting it open....Very pretty..

  2. I think you need to pop your gorgeous red top and glasses on...cheer yourself up!
    Wonderful, wonderful package. The girls at Cloth Paper Scissors wont know whats hit them when it arrives. They wont want to damage it it is soooo beautiful.

  3. Now, Now we will have none of darkness. I love what you do, put those Red glasses back on and walk back into the light, you are beautiful to know.
    Hugs, mary

  4. Wonderful package going to a great magazine. Can't wait to see them in print!

  5. No doubt the butterflies flew off to accompany that beautiful package.


  6. Your package is exciting to receive one like carrying art :)
    I have the same doldrums at the end of summer...the crisp air of autumn usually cures me.

  7. What a beautiful package!!

    I've had the doldrums, too and have been on a blogging break but that didn't seem to change anything!

  8. Beautiful package! Can't wait to see your art in Cloth,Paper and Scissors. Doldrums must be contagious. I chalk mine up to tiring of summer heat and humidity. Bring on the crisp Fall!
    Sending you happy thoughts...


  9. Thanks for popping by my blog, so good to go out and visit others too. Your box is so happily yellow. And when you show your class samples and the face on a box, I think even I could manage that... not being especially a figurative painter.

  10. Ohhhhh, hugs to the sisters as they leave on their magnificent journey.
    Having gray or dark days help us to be grateful for the bright days. You are just simply resting after all the creative processes.

    xo Rella

  11. Sharon, Yes, it was a crummy week no matter how you look at it. But, now I've seen the top of your tea party box, I am feeling really good! A wonderful sight......cute kids, butterflies, your artful twists and turns.....yes...I'm feeling much better. Hope you are too! Pat

    PS. Would love to be a fly on the wall when the box is opened!

  12. that box is SO beautiful! I cant wait to see if they publish the sisters!~

  13. Beautiful package.Gorgeous. I love your "Sisters" art.
    Just wanted you to know that I've given you an award today.Stop by my blog to see what it is:)

    Carolyn Mallin

  14. Very cool box, they are going to be impressed at CPS!!!Jump into the car and go get inspired if the Doledrums have you in their grasp, find a new store or some new supplies! Don't let those nastys waved at you as I drove thru there on Friday!!

  15. The lovely package is on it's way...
    Ah to receive such a lovely!

    Hope they feel the love that went into it!

    And thank you so much for stopping by my page sharon & commenting on my new image. I still have to re-shoot her, the images turned out too blue in the photo.

    Go outside with a journal, a nice cup of coffee & perhaps some music & you'll find your missing butterflies.

    Maybe they are off flying around with my missing butterflies? Been trying to find mine for a while.
    Ughhh, the doldrums........

  16. Perhaps a little doldrums over letting your girls that you worked so hard on, go off to the tea party without you...I'm a little sad to see the package go myself.

  17. Hope your butterflies return soon! =)

  18. I've been enjoying your blog for a long time now and finally just had to leave a comment!

    The mother used that word from time to time, and she explained that only artistic people get them. Artists work from the inside-out, while others work from the outside in. Therefore, non-artists can experience boredom from lack of outside stimuli, but never the doldrums, which is more like a temporary draught. She used to say that she was waiting for a good rain to re-fill the well, and she meant her artistic spirit, not to be confused with "artist block", which she never experienced. I just had to share that.

    And I most certainly love and admire your work!!

  19. oh i HATE it when the wind comes and the butterflies escape....did you get them all back?? your box to CPS and your collaged envy are simply wonderful! your name stamp is really neato! glad to find your blog, thanks to gaye!!



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