Friday, December 18, 2009

In Progress

Another Sketchbook Project page.......
In Progress

This page is not finished which is why I'm only showing this close up.

I'm showing unfinished for two reasons:


We are about to have a family Christmas weekend celebration.

Therefore, I will be off line and absent for a bit.

Number Two:

I am so very excited to tell you that I have been working on an online workshop

that I hope to have ready in January.

Painting the above little face is one of several lesson included in this first workshop.

Expect more about my workshop soon.

Expect me to go on and on and on about it.

Expect a fantabulous workshop not to be missed,








I'm seeing Stars...................

no no

I mean


subconjunctival hemorrhage

not a serious thing


  1. Hi Sharon, I love the in progress page. Have a great weekend with your family and YIKEs I hope your eye is better soon.

  2. Good grief, I hope your eye doesn't feel as bad as it looks! Hope it's better soon.

    As for the looks as if my January is going to be completely over-loaded! I think yours is the fourth class I've seen that I want to take and they all start in January!

  3. I suppose that IS supposed to be gross, but it looks pretty cool!

  4. You do like to shock us. Hope your eye gets better in time for class!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whee I'm so happy but I request warning of how much to put aside and when you plan to start because my car needs major work!

    BUT I wish to be there for your class and everybody is starting classes in January. I am thrilled you will be. I think I can only afford one though. Hope you can warn ahead when how much etc.

  5. Whoa--wasn't expecting that :) But, I'm very excited to hear that you'll be having a workshop--YAY!

  6. I hope you also put sample pics up to let us know which styles (of yours) we can expect in this class. I got disappointed with another class when my favourite styles of a particular artist were not taught. I presumed wrongly I guess.

  7. OMG! There I go looking at the picture and not reading, heading to quickly reply how I love your "in Progress" work and lo and behold...YUCK! That will teach me for not reading first! OOOOOOie. I hope it doesn't hurt!!!!

  8. YAY finally a Sharon/Norah class!!! I know that whatever you decide to teach will be wonderful! Looking forward to that. Will you use your eye picture for a Valentine card? That would be funny! xo

  9. YAY finally a Sharon/Norah class!!! I know that whatever you decide to teach will be wonderful! Looking forward to that. Will you use your eye picture for a Valentine card? That would be funny! Hope you're feeling better. xo

  10. Yes, yeuch!Hope your eye gets better soon.

    But - hey fab news that you are going to do an online workshop. Woo hoo!

    Have good christmas weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness, it looks like it would hurt like heck.
    I really like the new page you have started. She is going to be lovely.
    Merry Christmas, Mary

  12. Oh my gosh I am so excited about a class. I will find time and do this. I might be having an in home class for a few also sometime in Jan. This will only be a couple of days tho.

    Like your face painting, concerned for your eye. And to think I was worried because I have a double chin and one of them is wrinkled.

    Emelie, PS. so excited about this announcement. So excited to see how it all works. I have no idea
    how one does this.

  13. Oh, be still my heart! A Class on doing your faces? I finally know the answer as to WHAT I want for Xmas from hubby! I'm so darned excited now I can barely stand it! WHOO HOO!
    Your eye doesn't look good at all. I'm sorry you have that right now at Xmas (or any time).

  14. Start the New Year with Sharon/Norah's art! That should be a winner. Like the others have said, I'm anxious to get the details.


  15. Argh - your poor eye. Take care (hugs). And an online class? Wahoo!

  16. So sorry to hear about your eye. I hope it is better soon!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad you are doing an online class. I love your art. I will be out of town part of January, but I plan on signing up as soon as I can.

  17. Gorgeous journal page...gorgeous. No warning could prepare me for the eye though:-)

  18. hi Sharon. thanks for vistiing my blog. i love yours. i know i'll be back often to hear more about the on-line class.
    i hope you enjoyed your weekend with your family.
    your eye my not be serious...but ouch. it looks like it really hurts.
    hope it's better soon.
    merry Christmas!

  19. Love that work in progress! Wow, and I have to tell you... I have something very similar going on with my eye only there's pain involved so I think it's not exactly the same... and not nearly as cool looking!! lol

    Beautiful blog you have! :)

  20. Very excited to hear about the online workshop...will be awaiting further details just like it was another Christmas present!

    I had an eye do that and it turned out to be a sign of sudden onset high blood pressure. Weird, eh? But mine wasn't as pretty as yours!mishi

  21. Oh, my gosh! Did you get socked in the eye? I hope you're well!