Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Time Do-overs

I know you've thought about it.
If you could have time do-overs.
Or what about this? What if you could just go backwards in time?
You know, what if we started out with knowledge and experience.
And we went backwards in time and did everything perfect and made all the right choices.
Or maybe this, what if we could go back and repeat those really really good times.
Just because they were so good that you would want to experience them again.
Heck, I sometimes want to go back and have the same dream.
Just because it was so good.
Or what if there is just that one little tiny thing you wished you had done different?
I know you have thought about it.
Expect to,


  1. Oh yes there are things I would do different if I had the chance too. Fortunately they include both fixing the wrong and celebrating the right. Wish we could do over Thanksgiving 1992 as a fun do-over :) or maybe 9/12. Thinking of you,

  2. yes I think about those things, more so now at this age, I try to not beat myself up. It isn't even so much about time and yet it is because it is time that gives us experience. An old smarty that is me I think sometimes.

    I hope you know how beautiful that painting is, it really made me take in a sharp breath.

    Snow strom in Wisc. working on simplicity. Such a laugh

  3. OMG, you are so right Sharon! I recently did just that...wandered back and wished I could do many things over again! Love this piece!

  4. These Time pages aronderful, Sharon!! Love that time stamp too!!!

  5. Oh yes... I wish I could have some do-overs. Hindsight is so clear. :)

    I like today's painting. :)

  6. be nice should we could
    beautiful page

  7. Wandered this way from Angela's blog. Beautiful journal and posts.

  8. Heck, about now I just wish I had time to "DO", nevermind "Do Over". I seem to have painted myself into a corner (pun) and am scrambling to get out.

    Love this journal.


  9. Yep, there are a couple of things I'd do different if I could! Love this painting and all the others you've done for this project.

  10. Sharon, This picture is simply eerily wonderful! You can feel what she's thinking....and do you know that one by one your ladies are turning more and more real? LOVE IT!!

  11. I was just thinking about time the other day as I was getting out the Christmas decorations. Where has the time gone--I used these same decorations when my kids were young and all still here--don't get me wrong--I love the empty nest, but it's just so sad how FAST the time flies by!

  12. ah, sharon, these eyes...

    i'm going to think about just what it would be like if we had the experience and knowledge before we set out on our journey... truly, i don't know if i can wrap my mind around that or not. but yeah, for sure there are some times i'd like to hit the replay button on...


  13. This is a great page! I love the colors and the rich texture, ahhhh yes, there a FEW things I would do differently if I could go back and some I would REpeat just for fun.

  14. oh i've thought about it. today, in fact. but as i process the idea i know in my heart that there is not a whole heck of a lot i'd change in my own life. i, like Emelie, just try really hard not to beat myself up to much. there are many happy times i'd like to re-visit and like you said, some things (mostly to do with the way i parented my childern) i'd like to re-do with the wisdom and knowledge and experience of today. it would be pretty cool to see what circumstances the changes would bring.
    i love the painting.