Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm just a little bit excited this morning only because I did get up with huge energy and went to my ART desk and painted. I talked to you all while I did that. I know I know, you didn't hear me but that didn't stop me from talking. I pretended.

After I finished that other page then I came back to this one where the pat-ta-girls are letting their hair down for party time.
Expect to hear me,


  1. I'll bring a bottle of wine and my party hat. Oh... um... this was about the ART. Great art!


  2. I think I did hear you. This page rocks! Love the colors and the happy heads.

  3. Sharon you work is one of my all time favorites. You use of color is amazing I tell you!!!

    Do you use Golden? Fluid or Heavy??

  4. Really nice, love the colors and flow of the pages!

  5. girrrl! this is so much fun! one of these days, sharon, we are going to have a real live paint party. EXPECT it!

  6. Can I par-tay in my jammies?!! I'll bring cookies and fudge....I'm all about the sweets.

    Your girls are all beautiful!!

    PS - I talk to myself and "others" all the time. :-)

  7. i am enjoying your beautiful sketchbook! lovely ladies all in a row...

    party on....

  8. I'm the one in the right corner! How fun! Oh, you're good... I almost 'heard' you talking.

  9. I did hear you, and you told me about energy and I felt it. It was there like magic.

    Your girls look really ready to
    par-tay this piece puts a whole new spin on time. Present time, good time, sometime.

    So cold, -5 Emelie

  10. Beautiful; I love your faces! I talk to myself all the time, even at work. Co-workers tease me about it but it helps me remember stuff :-)

    I'd like to invite you to my blog giveaway at My 100th blog post giveaway. The drawing is Wednesday, the 16th and I'm hoping to have lots of entries. I'm always wanting to meet new blog friends and this is a great chance to do just that.

    Have a great Friday!!

  11. Glorious colours... love the party girls!!! All those gorgeous faces!

    Jacky xox