Friday, February 19, 2010

Circus Loons

Where have y'all been? Oh, it was me missing. Where have I been?

Well, I have been to the circus and I have learned how to juggle.

I have been juggling all sorts of balls. Some big. Some little. Yep, some I dropped....and picked back up.

It's all good.
There is more to show and tell. I will do that this weekend. One more thing, it is true if you put something out there in the universe, it happens. I wished out loud that I wanted a Loon tie. Thank you Llynn for directing me to it.


  1. I am laughing and have tears from it, there is another,a Loon Tie, I am amazed that more were printed and made, it is the same tie! and that you got one of a flamingo tie.

    Oh Sharon this is just the best news. :>) so funny. I wish you could of heard me gasp. I will go around with this silly grin all day.

  2. Had a giggle, but, i really love the Flamingo tie....its adorable...
    you look great wearing both..

  3. Actually I shrieked, when I saw this. I was thinking of it as I was on my way to get paint and new brushes.

  4. Wow those ties are the pink flamingo!

    Jacky xox

    word verification is "mistu" and we did miss (t) you.

  5. Well, how cute are you!!!!!! Makes me smile...pat

  6. Nice ties Sharon.
    Just changed the name of my blog. I'm following your blog. Would you follow mine? Then I can get directly to yours from mine.

  7. The flamingo tie brought this wave of memories--for a fundraising project in college we organized a "pink flamingo raid." You could pay $10 to have anyone in the town "flamingo-ed" We'd sneak in, middle of the night, and cover their yard with two dozen pink beauties--left them a note saying they had to stay for three days! So much fun--people would just drive around seeing who got nailed. Oh, and love your work!

  8. You look stunning with your birdie ties. Love all the stuff on you walls as well.


  9. Sharon, with all the juggling you have going on it's a wonder you're not completely 'Loony Tunes'!!
    Love you in the ties and with your art, too!