Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharing Random

I just took this from my office door. We don't get an annual snow here in central Texas. And so far it is not cold enough to be too pile up. Sure is pretty though coming down like this all day.

I did an interview for Meliss and she has posted it today. Click on over for my blab if you have a mind to. Meliss had some pretty good questions but my favorite was about that "what's the point jerk". Do you know him?

Another thing, Kathleen Nesi attended the Arthouse Library opening Brooklyn, New York this last weekend and she took pictures of my Sketchbook, A Timekeeper's Diary. She shared the pictures of her journey on her facebook page. That was so exciting to see Kathleen holding my book. Thank you Kathleen. Click on the "opening Brooklyn" link above to see the Arthouse Flicker photostream.

And here is the promotional flyer for the 2010 Sketchbook Project tour for the event with the schedule of other stops on the 2010 Library Tour. Can't tell you how cool it was to see my book again.

One more thing, Amy Wing at Gauche Alchemy has posted my napkin tutorial along with some very nice words. Check out the site for a lot of fun stuff. Thanks Amy.

There you have my random day. I think I might get to go home early today. My feet are cold.

That's random,



  1. Nice interview! We are getting more snow too....we are soooo tired of it and ready for Spring.

  2. great interview. :) now i'm off to explore the other cool links! :)

  3. Wow look at all those journals, I did look at some of them a while back when you posted and I did a search to see what themes were and what people were doing.

    I am glad to see the recognition you talked about today in this post, your have worked very hard,
    and continue to work very hard in several aspects of your life.
    Congratulations on all things good and rewarding that come your way.

    I have learned a lot from you, and with so much appreciation. Having a wonerful time also, and that never hurts to have fun.

  4. RE: picture
    In Michigan we call that a nice spring day. Then we say "Oh well, at least we don't get many tornadoes here!" Go figure.

  5. I'm only a *little* late in posting here! :) I've been meaning to come on over and say, "Thank YOU, Sharon!" - for such a wonderful tutorial and for allowing us to republish it. I'll try to be back before another month goes by. ;)