Thursday, February 25, 2010


Nothing makes me happier than waking up in the morning with paint on my hands.
And nothing makes me happier than arriving at my office with dried gel medium on my hands.
It means I have spent the very last moment of the day painting or the very last moment of the morning prepping a canvas for the weekend ART.
I'm picking it off right now and so very happy!
PS... I have really become addicted to doing this to a canvas before painting on it. No matter that it mostly gets covered up with paint. I just like to.


  1. I couldn't agree more! Call us excentric, we are artists and that is that.

    Cheryl Dolby

  2. H'mmm.....seeing the photo of collaging the canvas background just gave me an idea for our back entrance, laundry, furnace, stoarge room that is tiny and impossible. It needs a lot of work but there's no $$ for that so maybe this will work....rather than refinish and paint all the cabinet doors and drawers, maybe I'll just start covering them with collage bits and then paint! If I pay better attention to your class video's and learn to make better faces I could do a whole roomful....maybe even a loon or 2 or 3! Yes! That makes me happy thinking about it! That would work! Then I could choose a paint color to match the paintings on the little wall space there is!
    Thank you!!

  3. A good post Sharon, makes me smile with self examination. I cover the canvas at thend with stuff that the viewer can see. There are reasons, Sometimes when I view art and the thoughts passing are look at all that beautiful background work, and then I say and a face also, just what I like. I love pattern. Then I was wondering if I did it to distract from the face because I didn't think it was good enough. Then I do it because it is just fun.

    When you add the stuff in the beginning and one can see tiny bits it adds mystery and that is also a desired thing in the art work.

    Today I am wandering from class and I want a very plain, pale, piece of art with things there but subdued with pale colors of paint.
    We will see, I have been owrking on things going off the painting and not to the edge, and looking at things that go right down the middle and thinking of ways to have them not do that that can be fixed.

    Also real life has made an appearance so I have that on my mind.

  4. Oh boy, I think that would jump start my long silent creative spirit. Just cover the base with bits and pieces and don't think about the finished project.

    Inspiration! Thanks Sharon.


  5. Absolutely - sometimes the prep is so satisfying in itself. I love to sl apgesso on book pages...

  6. Sharon...your enthusiasm is contageous. Looks like I have a snow day today so....need to practice my Norah's!!!

  7. Te,he I know exactly where you are coming from. I like to make the most of the time available to create. No matter that most of the collage is covered up, it helps get the creative juices flowing, it's like limbering up in sports, save we don't have to wear the lycra :)

  8. Excellent! That's the way t ogo. I personally have been lacking paint on my hands lately. Yuo are an inspiration..maybe I'll do a lil art project. I haven't created any mixed up pulled art recently..hmmm

  9. Yes!, Yes!, Yes!...I feel the same patching the canvas with collage, and love poicking off paint or gelfrom my fingers...makes me feek like I am living well!...xx..Julia

  10. i think i am going to try this! it looks like fun!

  11. I think I could have written this word for word! My students always laugh at mee becaus I come to school with paint on my hands, have paint stains on the cuffs of my nice suits, and I paint background journal pages between all my classes. I too have been covering my canvases with old dictionary pages; it gives them some nice wrinkles which grab the paint in an interesting way. Last week I let the 7 students in my third period prepare a canvas in that way for me. Thay said, when it sells, they get a take. "When" it sells; I love that!