Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Silk Weaving

I continue to need to touch cloth and stitch. It is a time of thinking about things. I'm so inspired by Jude Hill's journey with cloth and the way she shares her thoughts and techniques. She has inspired me to weave silk directly on the cloth. However, I did it a little different than she showed in her video in this post. I flipped the strips and anchored them before weaving. I only wish I had realized that I could have anchored a second side before weaving.

Confusion in the title of my cloth.
We're expecting again.
Spring can be very tiny.

This is for YOU.


  1. The silk weaving looks beautiful! I'll go check out Jude's link when I leave here. I haven't done anything with fabric for ages. Maybe it's time to drag out some stuff and see what happens.

  2. Loved the colors in the weaving! And thanks for sharing the lovely bouquet. That was so clever!

  3. Oh so much to say, I will use constraint. The weaving just got me over excited, your looks so lovely and I will have to do a visit to Jude's to see as I hae done some quilting the last week for my talk and the quilt show in April. Some women were here to see the process, and learn how to get a face painted. They were excited and anxious to try as they are quilters.

    Your quilt so beautiful and the hand stitching makes it even more so, I appreciate hand work. I so admore the women also that came here as they are careful, precise
    dedicated to accuracy. I am not
    I cannot work on the same thing for a long time. I can put it away and feel not complete, but if I forget about it I can take it out and work again as I did with one art quilt I have. Ten years is a long time tho to wait to finish.

    Yes spring can be small, and pastel and it is interesting that even the roadsides march along with boldness as summer and fall progress in it's natural way.

    Loved the photos and all the spirit your blog sends.

  4. Beautiful weaving, and I am sure you are thrilled with exploring a new direction. I too love Jude's blog, tried to return to my past years of hand-stitching and had not realised how the years have taken their toll physically. You have persuaded me to think again. Now I must go back to your post and take in all the others things you wrote about.

  5. The silk weaving is lovely to see, I can just imagine it in my hands. It is tempting to me to see this as I was an art quilter before I was a mixed media artist! But I dare not start thinking of quilts and get off track...I'm having too much fun painting ...FACES!!!!

    PS: Thanks for the flowers! You are too kind.

  6. Thank you for those lovely flowers Sharon...and red being one of my most favourite colours.
    I laughed when you commented your quilt is called "confusion", you have a great sense of humour.
    The weaving is lovely and I have just overnight dyed a piece of fabric to have a go at that myself. I'm so enjoying the videos that Jude shares with us, she makes me feel I am capable of having a go at this!!!

    Loving your fabric and stitching...such a talented lady.

    Jacky xox

  7. Hey, what's with everyone working with fabric? Have you seen Deryn's quilty?

    I will not buy fabric. I will not buy fabric. I will not buy fabric . . .
    Love yours, though. Beautiful.

  8. these are wonderful sharon, such beautiful colours, ive just been to melbourne and come back with all sorts of fabric wonders :)) xx

  9. Oh, what a post! Beauty in every step. The confusion cloth looks amazing! I wonder if someone can look at the silk weaving without wanting to touch it.... I couldn't. Love the "tiny spring" and am amazed by the shadow photo. How creative! Say Hi to the future baby birds :-)

  10. Oh, so inspiring, this post! Love the weaving....congrats on EXPECTING again...and you have taken the best photo of those tiny blue wildflowers! I have them here on the back acre and have never been able to get a photo that good!!! Thanks, my friend...pat

  11. The weaving silk looks GREAT, love the bright, rich colors! The flowers are wonderful, Sharon, thanks a million!
    Have a fantastic week,
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  12. The quilt is going to be wonderous, of course! What a lot of work. I never learned any kind of quilting but I wish I had. My grandma had a huge loom and weaved pretty, strong rag rugs....I wish I had learned that, too! Guess I'll just stick to trying to learn your Faces, instead!
    Congrats on triplets and thanks for pretty dainty flowers!!

  13. Good Job.Check out my new blog and let me know what you think!

  14. Congratulations! I've been glued to this all baby so far:

  15. hey thanks for the shout out, since i started the video series on quilt weaving, lots of folks have tried this. it is fun to see everyone's version...

  16. You are a lady of many talents. I am with you, I also need to touch cloth now and then...primal, I guess :)
    I love the many colors of your weaving.
    Years ago I made a Christmas stocking with the weaving method. I bought a kit and in it were a lot of beautiful ribbons and a fusible fabric sheet...what you did was to weave your ribbons on top of the fabric and then fuse them to the fabric with an iron.

  17. Everything, every single thing, makes me want to jump on a plane and visit. I want to see and touch it all.

    Thanks for the bouquet my clever friend.


  18. Stunning, sensational and sublime slik! say..if you don't win that painting..I promise I am going to send you one!

  19. How wonderfully interesting. You are so creative and prolific. Lovely!

  20. Great weaving & love the shot of the shadow holding the flowers!

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  22. I love the shadow picture Sharon!! very cute.

    The colors in the weaving are beautiful. good mix!