Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm just sayin, Spring!


  1. Yes, Spring! Your work is gorgeous - so are the trees! Happy Spring to you!

  2. That does spell SPRING!
    Love your trees, we have a long time to go before ours get to blooming.
    Is that a new quilt?

  3. I really appreciate the touches of spring popping up! The face in the previous post is very nice Sharon!.

  4. Love the quilt stitches, and oh how lovely these pictures are, I am so ready for flowers. It is warm here today, it is in the 60's, but the wind is blowing really hard and it looks like clouds are moving in...
    Love, Mary

  5. Yes SPRING even in the north, I was just weeding, snow is gone, garden sows life, no flowers yet.

    Your spring is so pretty and it is good to see, a time of inspiration and what do I do next, so many things to do and so many want to do.

    I posted a quilt today also, Thursday I show some women how to get a face on a quilt and the fun of recyced clothing, it already has stitches, beads, sequins and much desired enhancements. One of the women does quilts for Mag. Quilter's World. I can't wait so much fun.

    I so appreciate the hand stitching on your quilt, your appreciated in many ways.

  6. I'm jelous! Nothing is blooming here! I'm in major need of spring, this weather is getting to me. Great stitching Sharon. :)

  7. Oh my goodness my heart yearns for your spring! We have nothing but months of gray days here. The sun peaks in once in a while for a few measly hours just to taunt us. There is a lone daffodil fighting the good fight to prove to us all that it is spring no matter what that silly sun is doing!

    Thank you for the confidence I have to face my easel and do what I want! Playing Art is fun!!!!

  8. Oh, yes, Spring!!! Not a minute too soon. Love your stitching...love the new nest...LOVE those gorgeous trees! Have fun! take care, pat

  9. Oh, Sharon, she is wonderful! I love the colors. what size is this?

  10. The wonders of spring all show up in your photo's. We are having very spring-ish weather here today.

    Darla (just back from Oregon)

  11. Your art always makes me happy....even the sad girls!! Happy Spring!

    Peace Giggles

  12. Beautiful Spring blossoms and art, perfect combination

  13. i'm so happy you're playing with cloth sharon - *bEaUtiFuL*!! spring, spring....yes, your work feels like spring. jude inspires me so very much too - i love to have my finger in paint and then alternately on bits of cloth. aren't we so lucky to have both?!
    coming here never fails to inspire me!