Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random catch-up

Yep, my apron has been hanging a lot lately. You might notice it is right there in a good spot with my to-do list just in case I should happen to put it on. Progress is slow but most of all I think the summer heat is getting to me. The oven ride home at five o'clock each day just cooks all the juice out of me. We are having 100 + degree days and I'm not usually one to whine about that but this year seems different.

I did have a great play date Saturday with my friend Susan. There was some serious concentration going on and we had oodles of fun but I must learn to stop and breathe or take brakes because she plum wore me out.

Cupcakes anyone?

Blogger is doing some new stuff. Have you noticed? Well, I guess moving the photos around and resizing them on the "compose" window isn't new but I'm just now giving it a try and while learning is frustrating, I think I will like it. Sorry for this crazy layout learning curve.

The other thing Blogger has done, Gloria Hallelujah, is the spam blocker filter they have added. I was to the point of moderating comments to stop that stupid spammer that visits me every day. You may not have noticed because I delete it as soon as it hits. Driving me bats!

I guess I'm all caught up for now so I will get back to this crazy-dull-boring-dang-desk-in-town.
I could be doing something so fun at that delightful-fun-inspiring-full-inviting-equipped-bright-desk-in-studio.
♥ Sharon


  1. I couldn't take my eyes off of that apron hanging there. I must have missed it in one of your posts. Did you make it? Of course, you probably did. I just love it.

  2. I took me about a day and a half of playing around with the new blogger to find my stride and I can say now that for the most part I like the new changes. I am liking that apron Sharon!

  3. Thinking of you so often these days, and I forgot to say your hair looks so beautiful.

    YOur apron girls looks content just hanging around the studio and saying I am ready when your ready. Itis good to have a patient companion.

    The work you have shown for your new class is outstandingly beautiful. I wish I could, I cannot. My wish tho is for many students and a successful class. I love cropped pieces of the paintings. I am still enjoying doing the faces with the technicolors, it is still much fun for me. I so feel inclined toward those rich colors of autumn.

    I was thrilled today at a gathering of women to see the quilts they are working on with the faces. It is nice to be taken seriously.

    The heat has been something this summer and we are looking at another wave of it in a couple of days.

  4. I still have some issues with Blogger. apron is boring compared to yours. Now, you make me want to do something exciting to my apron, of all things!! lol We had a break in the weather and I found myself zooming and now tomorrow the heat and humidity are going up again. What a summer? :)Bea

  5. You girls were busy! Really looking forward to the class and am still enjoying the "Faces" class. Take your vitamins Sharon...I have a feeling your going to get busier;)

  6. Haven't tried the new blogger. I always break something when I try changes.

    Hope the heat lets up and you get some good time in the studio soon.