Monday, August 09, 2010

Work table

How about a Look at my work table. That's always fun. Not much to say about it except I had an enjoyable afternoon playing ART.
Actually, I enjoyed the whole weekend. I'm still working in the zones. Did you know zones can be as small at 2 foot square. Or maybe a large as a sock drawer. Or maybe just one side of the driveway. Or the shape of one hedge.
The day before my husband's accident, he had pledged to clean the garage the following weekend to make room for his new boat. Oh mercy, if you could see our garage! Needless to say, the cleaning didn't happen. But I have a game going with myself. And that is to find one thing in the garage everyday that can be tossed.
Here is the list so far: A humongous cracked garden pot, a pair of (my) rain boots (no good), two heavy duty extension cords that had been cut or burned (by me), a box of left over ceramic tiles, 4 empty plastic one-gallon containers that were brittle and falling apart when touched, two (not empty) five gallon cooking oil (big fish fry) containers, chewed up dog dish, two rusted stadium seats, an empty 409 bottle and one big box of printed papers. I am making progress. Really I am.
Do you like the "window secret" girl? She is demonstrated in the soon to be available, Of Towers and Turrets online class.
♥ Sharon


  1. that piece Sharon! Keep on trucking in the zones - sounds like you have a plan and are making good progress!
    I didn't realize your husband was in an accident. I hope he is recovering well and can soon enjoy his boat:)

  2. Hope hubby is healing well. If you could see my garage...I doubt you'd complain about yours..I'd love to toss it all out in one day! When it's cooler, I just might. LOVE your new girl - can't figure out how you did, naturally, I'll be watching. Even though I work in other ways...I LOVE seeing what you do...and reading about it! stay cool, pat

  3. I absolutely hate cleaning, picking up, throwing away, rearranging except if I do it in small bits, like you. 15 minutes starting on the left side of the room. Dinger goes off and I'm DONE. Well, at least for the day. I just keep working my way around the room, one day, one chunk a time. :)Bea

  4. Love your creative work table! I don't want to even think about my garage...grrrrrr!

  5. I guess I do that, when I get started one closet a day, the garden is in my mind in 5 sections and I do section at a time. I can usually do the veg garden in a couple hours it is big but rows are different than the flower garden. Sometimes a get very behind in all areas, you know painting or reading things that are so enjoyable.

    Thought of you often this weekend and know your busy and must be exhausted sometimes. We have had such a hot summer and it is exhausting to be outside. I still enjoy the summer even if hot becaue it is sort of a vintage summer.

  6. I think you've made a mistake! I think you have been in my garage. Just a minute I'll go look... Awww shucks I am wrong. It's all still there. When you finish drop on by... you would be my dearest friend forever. Sharon
    PS I hope your DH is better.

  7. Wow...I love your "secret window girl". Will keep an eye out for that class.
    Hope hubby is OK after his accident.

    Jacky xox

  8. Your work table looks like a place where good things happen. So, about the garage, what did you toss today?