Saturday, August 28, 2010

You never know with me What or is it Who will show up

Enjoyed an ARTful day. Relaxed with my paints and brushes. I started a new painting and remembered that I have some mail art to make. This is an old file folder cut in half. I was really just playing and didn't have a plan so before lunch I just did the drip thing and while it was still wet, I spritzed the drips. Dripping paint is new to me and I like it. Anyway after my hot dog, I was amazed to see these people in my drips.
That is the fun of mail art. It is like working in a journal because I feel a freedom to just let it go and let it be and be happy with the brush in my hand. I added the lips and a very little pencil definition and there they are. "Nothing with eyes will emerge from my shadow".
Another great ARTful day planned for tomorrow. Hope you are all having a great weekend.
♥ Sharon


  1. I love your people. Mail art is so much fun to make and receive.

  2. I love your work with the drips and spritzing....those faces are wonderful, love how they just appeared.
    Some great mail art going out soon!

    Jacky xox

  3. I love finding the process of finding these faces. As I child I loved playing hide and seek in the dark, so I guess this gives us the oppurtunity to secretly carry on playing that game. What do you think?
    Lovely piece of work Sharon
    Manon Xx

  4. What fun! I think you just create wonderful faces without thinking about it.

    I love mail art. Thanks for the reminder as I haven't done any in awhile.


  5. sharon, you amaze me with how you can see these faces these the way,i am enjoying your class so much.... ;)

  6. Lucky mail art recipients!!!! Continue having FUN...pat

  7. Absolutely marvelous. Totally inspirational as well. Thanks for that!!! xo

  8. i love drippy stuff!!! and your little people
    (faeries perhaps)?
    are terrific additions to the blend
    you are an inspiration!

  9. You're good. That's all there is to it. I love these, they are amazing.

  10. What fun. I love to drip. I love mail art. I like finding the faces! :)Bea