Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fresco restoration in progress

 We stayed at the San Lodovico convent B & B.
It was operated and managed by two nuns who only spoke Italian.
 This Fresco is located in a small room near the kitchen area.
We were privileged to witness the restoration that was in progress.
 I have no idea what had been done or what is going to be done;
however, the gray area to the right (above) and through the left panel (two photos down) was wet plaster that the artist had just applied.
I wish I could have stayed to watch; although, I overheard that getting the fresco to this stage had taken more than a year already.  

One of the interesting things that I note is the little white dots around the perimeter of the aureole of both figures remind me of the little white dots that we sometimes add to our paintings. Don't you find that interesting?
♥ Sharon


  1. What a great opportunity you had. How fun to stay at a B&B and get to watch a fresco being restored - now that is a bonus :)

  2. Looks amazing! I'm saving up to go to Italy in a couple years. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. :)

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing.
    I'd like to be there through the whole process as well!

  4. it must have been lovely to see in person..thank you for letting us see it..enjoyed it..

  5. Such beautiful faces on the fresco!

  6. This must have been a wonderful trip, I know you must have taken in all the wonderful art that is there. The fresco is lovely...soon you will be putting brush to canvas, you probably already have.

    Big Hugs, Mary

  7. Beautiful! I'd love to see the process, even if just for a couple days. Thanks for sharing!