Friday, October 01, 2010

This is pure silly stuff

Of Towers and Turrets is still going strong with many wonderful artist whose imaginations and creativity will astound you.
You just would not believe what they are doing.
Deryn and I had the most absolutely wonderful and fun time putting our class together.... might say it was an "exquisite fusion"
A bit of silly fun was had as well.
And I share with you here some of that silliness. 
Pure silliness.  


Well, the time has come for my Italy trip where I will go and soak up inspiration and instruction from Misty Mawn.  I haven't been able to focus on much else this week.  This truely is a trip of a lifetime.  All the packing was finished last weekend and now I'm down to the last minute things like
♦ print boarding passes
♦activate global phone
♦tote bag snacks
♦print extra copy of instructions from Rome to Orvieto
♦wax lip
♦shave legs
♦check list
♦get walking cane (last minute thing added to list-foot is still not OK)

♦get to airport in time for 12:47 pm departure Saturday.


All of that to say that I will be unavailable until Monday October 11th.
However, I am at this dang-desk-in-town today (Friday) and can let you in any of the classrooms today until late tonight.

One more thing, I love you all.


  1. Sharon, Have a fantastic time while on your trip...ENJOY! Safe travels...

    The OTHER Misty (Pennsylvania)

  2. Have a fantastic time. We will miss you and Italy is only round the corner from the UK, so pop round when you feel like it and you can share what you have learned from Misty!!!!


    Manon Xxx

  3. have a totally fabulous time!! really looking forward to reading all about it on your blog and seeing lots of photos [hint!]. safe travels. xx

  4. Wow! Have a truly great and inspired time! x

  5. i don't see bikini wax on your to do list. have a great trip.

  6. We love you too.... have a great trip!

    Jacky xox

  7. looking back at things I have missed, I love the red, you use it so well, and the poem is perfect.
    Have a wonderful Fall, Mary

  8. Sharon....You have a GREAT time in Italy!!! Live it up...even with a cane...I bet your journal from the trip will be fantastic...take care and enjoy. pat

  9. I'm so excited for you, have a great trip (maybe you already left for the airport).


  10. Enjoy your trip - it sounds absolutely fabulous!The food, the countryside, the!

  11. What a ball you must have had making the videos together (and a lot of hard work too). Thanks for sharing the 'bloopers' with us!

    Sharon, enjoy your trip to Italy and be sure to take lots of photos. Safe travels!

  12. Have a wonderful time, you'll thoroughly enjoy Misty, she's a great teacher.

  13. Bev,
    Italy is my idea of a dream trip...maybe someday. Have a wonderful time and be safe. Can't wait to see pics when you return.