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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inspiration at the convent

 One of the exercises that Misty sent us on was to go and find something that inspired us and sketch it.  I don't take time for serious sketching and so this was a new thing for me.  One of the reasons that I went on this adventure was to discover new ways to enjoy and be inspired to create my art. So, after a talk with myself, I found a place to sit in the rather dark ballroom where there were many beautiful paintings to be inspired by. 

I used my inspiration journal and a stick of willow charcoal and lost myself in the process.  But the one on the right above was not looking up and I realized the direction of gaze is something that I really liked about the original.
 So, I tried her a second time.  Next we had to return to the studio and sketch again into our journal and paint.  She became my journal cover.  And I vowed to bring home the "sketching" process and make it a habit in my future.
On the last evening, we showed and shared our journals.  I will share more another day.
♥ Sharon


  1. This is beautiful and inspiring! I carry a sketchbook with me, but don't often take time to use it. The colors are rich and timeless.

  2. beautiful!!! evokes Italy
    (to me anyway)

  3. Sharon you look so happy and beautiful in the photos you are sharing....glowing really, can tell you had a wonderful life changing time! The cover is beautiful!!

  4. love it sharon, love that you took the time to get lost in the process, isnt that the best??? im really drawn to the yellow and gold colouring, just beautiful xx

  5. Hi Sharon, your painting on the journal cover is just beautiful...very spiritual.

    Like you I had never done a lot of sketching (my results were never what I expected them to be). But, after joining a little art group that meet most Friday mornings I have a new found love for sketching...we sit and sketch for the first half hour to hour each time get together. I find it very relaxing and meditative.
    Enjoyed seeing your sketches and hearing more about your trip.

    Jacky xox

  6. I love the journal and you are making me so homesick for Italy!!!

  7. She is beautiful. I think Italy would inspire me if I can just get there!

  8. Soooo gorgeous! I just love the colours and tones you've used in this one, such a beautiful painting! Sounded like fun to do too :0)

  9. Just look at you, beautiful lady, with your gorgeous hair and fabulous journal! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the journal.

  10. Beautiful Sharon! Thanks for a peek at your adventure. Stephani:)

  11. The transmitter of your inspiration is working really well,I can feel it pulsing in my veins. So beautiful and so turning it around to be your art.

    In the previous post about restoration, I have thought that would be a great position to have, however I am not good at preparation at all as it takes so much time to get on with the real.
    And yes I am big on dots, they seem to have a spark in artwork.

    Enjoying so much the posts of this wonderful trip. YOu do look like your having the best time.

  12. I love this, the headdress, the byzantine quality, but particularly the highlight on the brow bone. Lovely!

  13. She really shines inspiration! Wonderful pic of you too Sharon:)

  14. I get such a sense of peace, calmness when I look at her face. I love the light you have on her, and the depth you were able to achieve. Sounds like you had a glorious time in Italy.


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