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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Orvieto was golden

I stood in awe
and watched the wall turn
I was there.
♥ Sharon


  1. Because you were there, with you camera, I am now in awe, amazed, blessed, and even drooling a little at the stunning beauty in these two photos....well done...

    thanks so much for sharing them! They are brilliant!

    ciao bella


  2. The photo you took is breathtaking. I studied in Perugia and my sculpture teacher actually helped build the doors to that very Duomo that you photographed! I learned Bas-Relief from him. His name is Vincenzo Ricci. I remember how beautiful Ovieto was and have done several paintings of it. The entire city seems to rise out of the mist like a little piece of heaven if you are at a distance too. I know you loved it as I do.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Ohhh, I'm envious! How I pine to go back to Italy.
    Enjoy the art, moments, time!

  4. beautiful! Thank you for sharing that moment with us. :)

  5. How stunningly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I'm smiling too:)

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience. What a difference the light makes! But isn't that the case in life too! Light makes all the difference, especially when it's the light of God shining through your eyes!

  7. So magical I almost can't believe it! I'm so glad that you were there to capture it with your camera. Amazing.

  8. I thought of you many times, in scenes like these two beautiful photo,I thought of you paonting with the group, thought of you dining with the friends. Thought of the laughter and the great experience you were having.

    Wishing you rest and catchup as the days of Oct. go on.

  9. hope you had a wonderful trip, looks amazing!!! xx

  10. Amazingly beautiful shot Sharon! Blessed indeed....

  11. Stunning! I can only imagine how you feel looking back at these photos now when it was just a few short days ago you were there taking it all in. How wonderful to go back!:)

  12. This is stunning! It must have been awesome to watch the transformation.

  13. I am aspiring to someday visit Orvieto...this is such a beautiful countryside. Thank you for sharing. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. Amazing photos Sharon, I can feel your is unbelievable the difference in the light at different times of the day. What an experience !!!!!!

    Are you saving your pennies to go again one day (I might have to join you next time).

    Jacky xox

  15. Glorious!!! My mother and brother are leaving next week for Italy for 18 days--I so wish I was going with them!

  16. That must have been breathtaking. Glad you are back and expect to hear and see more about your journey.


  17. Breathtakingly beautiful! But I knew it would be. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Wow! I just got chills. Lucky you!

  19. Amazingly Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.


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