Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chair Zone

 So much for the to-do list.  While I was planning the four sides of the forest that will surround the center game board on Tim's quilt, I was thinking how nice it would be to have all these components pinned and ready to stitch in the evenings this week while in the chair zone.   I am good for nothing but the chair zone after five.

In fact, I found my self in the chair zone all day Sunday and Monday and did nothing but stitch. Very enjoyable.   

I convinced myself that it was OK because that was what I wanted to-do.  After all it was a to-do list.

The rest of my stitching progress is posted on The Cloth Side of Me page.

♥ Sharon


  1. We could set together and stitch. I like having something to do when watching TV. It's winter and we are all kinda in that Zone!
    Hugs, Mary

  2. Thanks for visiting me!I am so out of the blogging loop.
    I just discovered your sewing section...very nice!

  3. That last comment was me.I forgot to sign in. See I really am out of it.

  4. These are beautiful! Happy stitching!

  5. Does look very relaxing indeed! We all need our "chair zone" time.

  6. The chair zone is wonderful as long as there is stitching or something fun to work on. Looks like you have found the perfect combination.

  7. I can just imagine you sitting there all comfortable with your favorite stitching stuff at hand. Your piece is coming along so nicely.


  8. Sharon,
    I can relate. I have a sitting place too. Right in front of our fireplace. It's where I do blogging, art projects and clay art dolls. It's my favorite place during these cold and snowy winter months. I'm not as sore when I finally pull myself off the floor when I realize it's already tomorrow. The to-do list never ends! I love the quilt you are working on and look forward to seeing it completed (that will be one item you can cross off the list) :)
    xo, Rebecca

  9. You have really appealed to my senses with this awesome quilt....and how you love to sit and stitch in the cold days of our year....I sooo get it and this is sooooo beautiful....I wish your chair was parked next to mine! You have an incredibly creative mind and heart....what a joy to get to see....thanks for sharing all of that GOOD stuff!! I must put you on my blog list more!!!