Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here's my to-do, what's yours

I use to have a great habit of sharing on the weekend and so that is what I'm doing here.   Maybe if I accomplish some of the things on this list, I will show and share that too.

I have made more progress on The Cloth Side of Me and I will post to that page before getting up from this chair.  Number 3 on my list is the first thing I will start with today in the studio.  I want to get more of my forest components ready to stitch just in case I find myself in the chair zone.  

I won't tell you about #1, the "Puzzle Mystery".....just tease a little here and there.

I'm going to bounce over to the other page now.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. WOW Sharon - is that on a door??? KEWL!!! I love it.

  2. Oh yeah ... LOL My To Do List for this weekend:

    Pick up wood for fireplace. DONE

    Take pic of junk room to post for "Gitter Done" challenge. DONE

    Start working on new design team ideas for Feb/March.

    Prep wood surfaces on drafting table for art projects.

    Start new page for Art Journal.

    Post pic of "Gitter Done" challenge on blog.

    Wash hair - color maybe.

  3. LoVe your list Brown Sugar Babies. You're almost done.

  4. Well it is afternoon now, the biggest thing on my list is...

    Exercises, Strengthen stomach so it quits pulling on my left bun and hurting when I walk. More exercises to strengthen. Wouldn't you think I would be strong from all that gardening, we I am just not in the right places.

    All chores take longer as I have to carry the cane along.

    Big words on a list, be thankful for small things and mundane chores
    Have journaled about it numerous times.

    I am liking your forest thoughts, and finding bird fabric is rather like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  5. I have been playing catch up on your always have such interesting projects and certainly have been busy. I love your quilt project.