Friday, January 28, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall

You might have missed this so very very clever use of  one of my collage sheets.  Who would think of using the whole sheet without cutting it apart?  Not me.

Kecia Deveney is the clever artist who did this.  And she posted a great tutorial on the Objects and Elements Blog about how she uses extra Ice Resin® when she has mixed more than she needs for a project.  

This beautiful mirror was the result of her left over resin.  With Kecia's permission, I share the photo here. Kecia said she made several as Christmas gifts but admits that she, "... kept one for myself!"

Thanks Kecia for sharing your inspiration with a great blog post.

Have a great weekend.
♥ Sharon       


  1. That is so clever! I wouldn't have thought of it, but now that I see it - why not? Your collage sheets are so full and really beautiful "as is" that it just makes sense. Really cool!

  2. Such a cool idea! Love the vibrancy of you art!

  3. Love what you've done, very clever.
    Hope you'll check my blog sometime, really enjoy following yours.

  4. Thanks for sharing my mirror! You can pick up these mirrors very inexpensively at the dollar store!



  5. Oh thank you Kecia, good to know. I'm definitely going to make a birthday present soon.

  6. Hello, I had to come by and see you and I have before, I think somthings happens everytime I am here and then I don't post, or you get me dreaming about something, perhaps you stir a great idea and I have to leave to see if I can get it to work.

    I see Pam's work here and there and frequently, congrats on being in the book, lovely work shown on those pages. It always stimulates to see beautiful faces and works of yours.

    the idea on the mirrors, wonderful ideas people have, I just saw art work on brown bags and used as gift bags. I was amused because I cut up brown paper bags and paint on them, that paper irons so nicely and can take a lot of abuse scraping and sanding. At least the grocery bags.

    I also like the painting, oroginal offered for sale, I don't know if I have seen that before.

  7. You never stop with the creative ideas......I love it:D Thanks Sharon for the sweet words concerning Margo's progress! Always appreciated sweet friend;)

  8. Wow! This is lovely...showcases your work beautifully!