Thursday, January 06, 2011


I didn't mean to leave you hanging with my focus on Play this year.

I guess really there may not be too much to elaborate on the word, Play.

My buddy, Timothy, who is a whisper away from 6' now got hooked onto PLAYing puzzle with me Sunday after his cousins went home.  He enjoyed this old fashioned thing to do so much that he wanted me to pick him up the next day to Play some more.
This is but one example of how I will Play this year.  I plan to find ways to Play with my family.  We and they are at the age when life uses up family Play time and I have felt melancholy about that fact off and on for a good while now.  I'm going to be creative and more available to Playing.

I think of Play as the opposite of work.  Play is fun. Play is rewarding. Play is amusing.  Play is action.  Play is frolic.  Play is inspirational.  
Like I said, there is not too much to elaborate on the word Play.  But I'm sure through this year with my focus on Play, I will discover many things about myself and my creative path. 

♥ Sharon

PS....we haven't finished the 1000 pieces of Play yet.  But we have made a good bit of progress since these pictures were taken.


  1. I wished I could play all te time Sharon!
    Playing helps you get in touch with your inner child, which will keep you young!

  2. OMG-how do you figure out where and what to work on with the puzzle pieces all over the table? My husband and I work jigsaws all the time and we have pieces of matboard that we lay all the pieces out on so that we can sort and straighten and we have room on our table. We work lots of jigsaws!!!

  3. I need to put that word on my New Year's Resolutions too Sharon. Play! Looks like you are making it work..jigsaw puzzles are supposed to be good for the mind!

  4. The memories this brings back! My GGM lived with us much of my life and she always kept a card table set up with a puzzle going. When our girls were growing up we always got a puzzle for Christmas and set it up on New Years Day. Kept them entertained during she winter holiday from school.

    Now I want a new puzzle. I want to PLAY too!