Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About my Arizona Company

The first thing we did before the to-do list was posted was to show and share in the sewing studio.  Kristin and the girls brought their aprons-in-progress for me to see and I was so thrilled with how they each made them so personalized with their own likes. Of course I showed off my aprons and my quilting projects too.

I thought we might have time to start the free motion stitching on the aprons (number 3 on the list) but we ran out of time.

They wanted to make charms for their ankle bracelets so we got started with that early Thursday morning so the charms would have time to set up hard.  They selected and strung their beads and then the next day we attached the charms. 

We had enough time to make memory wire bracelets too. 

On Saturday more family came for dinner and I spent the day in the kitchen.  I managed to get 2 food pictures.  Edamame Salad and Stuffed tomatoes.  Both were yum. We had 26 at the table and everyone enjoyed the get-together.

Everyone left Saturday night and I pretty much crashed all day Sunday.

Then Monday morning Kristin called to say they wanted to come back for a couple of hours.  We managed to have a little Inktense on Fabric class and when I looked at this picture this morning, it looked like they each painted self portraits.  Funny how that happens. 

We didn't get to "take a break to wash windows" but Mark (brother) and Andy (nephew) did that Saturday.  In other words, they came to play and I put them all to work.  

We did pretty good with the list.  I will tell you about number 6 in another post.  We didn't make the peanut butter cookies and didn't get back to the sewing studio to free motion.

They stopped back by this morning on their way back home to Arizona.  A good and fun time was had by all. I just wished they didn't live so far away.  I'm thinking my SIL and I could really get into some fun stuff together. 
♥ Sharon


  1. What a fun way to spend a visit!!!!! I love it when they come to visit and want to spend time in my studio:D

  2. So many things to love in this post:

    The blackboard on the door!
    The adorable aprons!
    The wonderful charms and beaded bracelets!
    The food!
    Visits from family!

    Makes me happy just to look at the pics and see what all you did together!

  3. What a FUN time with your family. Everyone looks so happy with what they've made....and isnt it all wonderful!!!!!!
    Love all of it, especially the apron with the horses.

    Great post.

    Jacky xox

  4. Now that's what I call a good family visit! Heck, even the windows got washed. Love all the creativity that went on.


  5. all DELIGHT for the eyes and artful soul and FAMILY ties you bind! xo

  6. O wow! A very productive vist! Wonderful projects and happy campers!

  7. Oh gosh you make me want to be there! How fun and inspiring! I just love you Sharon/Norah!

  8. How exciting Sharon! The aprons are so cute and look like so much fun!