Thursday, July 07, 2011

Big big huge gigantic rip roaring task is finished

triple dresser
top drawer is store bought finish
middle drawer is one coat of  paint
bottom draw has dark wax over paint
end table
showing the cream finish that was on the end tables and head board
end table finished
head board and light fixture finished
odd table 
dresser finished
me finished
 The big big huge gigantic rip roaring task is finished.  I can't believe I did it in one week.  After I mentioned on an earlier post that I was about to undertake the project, Lisa gave me a gentle reminder about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I remembered when she posted about using it and what I remembered is that she had to order the paint and that it was expensive. 

So with her nudge, I went on the internet to review and lo-and-behold, I found a cute little shop in Waco that carried it.  You know that Waco is my go-to big city just about 35 minutes up the road. 

Here is what appealed to me about the paint.  NO PREPARATION necessary.  No sanding, no stripping, no nothing.  I have only dreaded this chore for about umpteen years because in the early nineties, I used a high gloss cream color paint on this 1960s furniture.  And I never managed to finish the chore as evidenced by the triple dresser.  

So, I hopped into my car last Monday afternoon and high-tailed it to Lily Lane Home which is located in Spice Village.

Oh yes and one more thing,  I didn't even empty the drawers before I painted the fronts.  Just pulled them out and painted right there in the bedroom.  It could not have been easier. Yes yes I did put a big piece of cardboard down to work over. 

I painted 5 pieces plus the two little light fixtures and didn't use a whole quart.  I also bought the book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations which is full of projects.  The color I used 
is Graphite with the Dark wax over it and it gave a soft black.....perfect!!!!

Here is what I know,  without Chalk Paint, I would still be daydreaming about this project.  I was dreading all the drawer emptying, and dragging each piece to the garage to prepare.  Well, it just would not have happened this summer. 

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  1. WOOHOO!!!! Fantastic job and a true testament to the miracle of this paint. Everything came out fantastic are so lucky you have a stockist you can drive to!
    This weekend I am going to paint the buffet we used as our island in the kitchen! I have a feeling nothing is safe in my house now...hahaha!
    sometimes a little nudge is all one needs :)


  2. oh my....a job i never want to do is painting furniture AGAIN.....been there...done that...many times...

    your room is wonderful.....

  3. Well done Sharon, it looks great.

  4. That furniture looks great. I didn't know chalk painting could be so easy.
    Does it have to be a special brand??

  5. yes! Just found the reference to Annie Sloan...looks good!