Friday, July 08, 2011

On my easel

On my easel
This is what is on my easel right now. And I don't care if the studio is a mess, I AM GOING TO PAINT THIS WEEKEND!!!

But what I want to talk about is blogging.

Have you noticed that I have changed my header?  Slowly but surely I am trying to get it looking a little nicer around here.  But that's not what I wanted to talk about either.

There are two things I want to talk about.

One is about comments. (I LOVE THEM!!)  About a year or so ago, I read a blog post about making it easy to leave comments.  I'm sorry I didn't bookmark it and it is not a blog that I read but was blog hopping and somehow ended up on this blog that had huge following like seven thousand or more.  Really. Anyway, it was a good post about spam and making it easy for your followers to leave comments.

I can say that Blogger is on top of the spam issue now.  I haven't had any of those nasty spam comments since they started their spam filter.  So, I took the advise from the blog post and went about making it easier to leave comments at my blog.

Here is what I did:  Go to your Blogger Dashboard, then to Settings, then to Comments.  Scroll down to "Show word verification for comment" and click the choice to NO.  For a while, I moderated comments older than 14 days because that seemed to be where the spam was landing but I don't do that anymore.  I made these changes more than a year ago so you want notice any difference.

Next,  did you notice that I added the Blog List that shows a little picture of your post along with the post title.   It is in my sidebar and I gave it a title of "My Wonderful World of Bloggers".  If you want to do this, go to Design, then to Add a Gadget, then select Blog List.  There are options and you want have any trouble with that.  I only wish I had realized that I could add several of the gadgets because I would have organized my list  into blog themes, like art, quilting, photo, etc etc.  I might get around to that some day.

But what I really want to say is I have reverted back to my original method of reading your blogs.  That is to say, I come to My Blog and scroll down and pop out to Your blog from my Blog List.  It is so nice that the new entries are at the top.  I still have you all in google reader but it is so cold over there. And there is so much clicking to do and the truth is, I don't leave as many comments when I have to click and click and click to get there.  And when I get behind and can't keep up, the number of unread drives me crazy with pressure.  I know, I am crazy.

But here is the best part,  I enjoy seeing your beautiful blog with your beautiful header and all your sidebar thises and thats.  And I am likely to leave a comment unless I am sneaking over for a quick peak when I should be accounting or selling insurance at this desk in town.  It just feels like a real visit when I pop in and see your personality showing through in you blog design. Actually I find it inspirational. You all look the same in Google Reader. And if I get a post or two behind, I don't feel any pressure because when I pop over and scroll down, I know immediately if I have read everything or not.

I didn't mean for this to be so long but ....well it is.   Now, I have a favor to ask , I don't have all of your blogs in my list yet.  I am slowly but surely getting there but if you notice that you are not in my list and you want to be.......well just tell me in a comment and I will put you there.
Thanks, watch for me.



  1. I know she will look great, I like her already.
    Thank you for the blog info.

  2. What ever you are going to be doing with this painting, the beginning looks amazing. I love the way you start doing the background... keep us posted, I'll be waiting.

  3. I can not wait to see how this art piece turns out Sharon! Who cares if the studio is a mess, we can't see past the wonderful lady emerging on your canvas.

    Wonder what she's reaching out for? A bird? Is she feeding the bird? Freeing the bird from some entrapment? This lady seems very strong... like you. Looking forward to more pics along the way on this.

    Funny I just took those blog pics off my blog. Maybe I should put them back. I'll hafta check the comments thing, can't remember if I did that already or not. Thanks for the great info.

  4. I like your lady. I am just starting with the face class; boy do I have some catching up to do. Thank you for the blog info.

  5. Sharon, thanks for the words on blogging. I'm going to clean up some things on my blog too, and a lot of your suggestions will apply to my typepad blog as well, so thanks for the information!
    I'm so inspired by your artwork! I stop by your blog often. I usually leave without commenting, and I feel bad about that, because I get so much from your posts. This new piece your working on is wonderful. I hope you'll show more as it progesses!

  6. oh sure! I see another 'doozie' of a painting coming our way. Always have to check each day to see what is appearing or even disappeared! Thanks for the tips on blogging. I haven't posted another post becuz I went to change some things such as the background etc. and got completely lost. When I set it up it was so easy (u know, 'if I can do it anyone can do it')but now they made changes and I couldn't find my way around. I do have the word verification tho' so I'll take that away and see if folks like me better! I had a few friends who couldn't comments for some reason or another.
    Hope you have a relaxing painting week end!!

  7. I like the new header! And I REALLY appreciate not having the captcha thing to deal with anymore. I have so much trouble with that thing that I sometimes give up trying to comment on blogs that use blogger because it takes me several tries to get it right. I think I have a little dyslexia. Can't wait to see how the new painting developes!

    PS - I don't know if you'd be interested in my blog, but I'm not on your list. You are on mine!

  8. The art on your easel looks intriguing. Looking forward to where you are going with it.
    Thanks for sharing your blogging thoughts.
    I'd love to be on your blog list.

  9. By the way...

  10. Hi Sharon,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. THanks for the info. I'm a horrible bad person about reading and not commenting and it's true about google reader being cold and I get so freaked out when I get behind the same way!
    I love the new painting, so full of promise!
    Julie Fillo

  11. Maybe I need to take the restrictions off commenting on my blog, too. I had a lot of spammers come along and so I upped the security for comments. For a while it was just the older posts, like you mentioned, but then it started on the new ones, too.

    Love the painting in progress! I'd be honored if you'd like to put my link in your side bar. My link is

  12. Love the new look. I've been going through some of these changes too. Blogger has been so difficult to deal with lately and I finally learned how to get my comments to go through. I wasn't able to comment on most blogs for a couple of months. Now I'm back and seeing so many wonderful changes all over Blogland. Love the blogs on the side. I'll have to look in to that. I'm not there but many friends are...isn't it grand?

  13. Oh I like the new header. I look forward to see what this piece becomes. I had to put the captcha back on my blog due to an annoying spammer but I may take it off again in a little while.

  14. Sharon, there is so much to digest in this post - it is a revelation. First I love your new header, makes me think I should change mine. Then I notice (or think I do) that your studio shares spaces with your laundry? As does mine here, though it is underground so no daylight which doesn't help. Now I too scroll down my blog list and fequently don't leave comments, simply due to lack of time - I wish there was a way of saying saying 'like' as one can in Facebook, so one knows who has visited. Lastly you kindly invite comments so, just in case you want to add me to yourlist (I would be honoured if you did), I have five blogs and I don't know which one will come up when you click on me, but each blog lists the others in the sidebar. Your post was so refreshing, thankyou. Ann, from the Cotswolds in England.

  15. Just became friends on FB and love your top strip so came to see what you're up to on your blog. I use WordPress which is pretty good with spam. I've been blogging for 5 years+ and really haven't much been bothered.

    Love the background on your painting - I'm just starting to pay attention to backgrounds as being as important as the main focus...painting is my 3rd love after clay and mixed media art journals (which are only 4 months old in my repertoie however you spell that, but which I love!). so nice to make your acquaintance!

  16. Hi Sharon! Great ideas, I need to make some changes too, including making a banner as there is just boring writing there now.

    I didn't see my blog on your list, I hope you will follow me and view my art. Some of what you will see has been influenced by you, because you are a good teacher -and I need to take another class with you soon. My avatar is the piece I did in your Faces in Technicolor class.

    I love your work on the easel. Happy to see you working big. I just bought 3- 18x36 canvases that I will be painting on soon. See you on the blog roll~

  17. A very interesting start to your new works.

    Thanks for the blog info, I'd like to do the sidebar thing like you did. Maybe. Right now the computer seems to take more patience than I have.

  18. I'm looking forward to seeing the painting when you finish because it already looks intriguing.

    And thanks for the the bloggy info.

  19. Always love peeking into your studio to see what's going on in there:) a BIG canvas! I did notice your new blog header (lovely) and blog list. THANKS for the blogging tips. I removed the comment captcha thing awhile ago...drives me crazy...and usually read blog updates through my "dashboard" on blogger as it lists everyone I follow. I do like the thumbnails you have included...anyhoo, this is turning into a lengthy comment...would love to be included in your list if you like my blog and are interested

  20. love the start of your latest painting. and thanks for all of the blog tips~there are so many little things that make blogs more appealing or easy to navigate.

  21. Hi Sharon,
    I love playing around with things like my header and how I display things, though when I find a template I love I am scared to change that in case I can't do it the same! I am going to do the thing with comments I think too, thanks for that advice! I tried the google reader but felt under pressure too-I much prefer using my (ever growing!) blog list.
    I love your work in progress-the way the ledger pages show through is lovely. I also like the glimpse of your arty room behind!

  22. Hi Sharon,
    I love your new header, it's very sleek and that painting! WOW! I can't wait to see where you take 'her' - She is already amazing. I would love to be on your list. :-) Happy weekend to you.

  23. I am truly a fan of yours. When I want to see exciting blogs I pop over to see what you are up to and scroll your list. We have similar tastes in what inspires us.
    I will always be a follower of your work because you seem to always be growing and I love that. It inspires me.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished painting on your easel.

  24. I love seeing the work in progress shots of other people's works.

    I'd love to be on your blog list, though I'm really only finding my feet in the blog world

    J x

  25. Thank you so much for your commenting tips. I too have been using google reader to view blogs every morning while I drink my coffee. It's one of my favorite things to do. However, like you, I fail to comment on ANY blogs because it's too much jumping around trying to get to the comments section. I also agree with you about missing the feel of all the blogs. I get so bummed when someone posts about their header change or design changes on their blog and I can't see them. I took your advise and re-installed the blog list on my sidebar and can't wait to start visiting all my favorite blogs with the ability to comment easily!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  26. I'm always amazed at the way your paintings turn out. You do something that I don't. You are brave enough to show your "beginnings." I always doubt and then I'm thrilled when I see the ending results. Bravo!

  27. Your new painting looks great but of course she would you are painting her! Pooh on neat studios, get the art done forget the other stuff!
    thanks for the tips on blogger, I keep only one thing, the moderation that way i know I have comments because I don't always get the chance to check my blog everyday. I just completely redid my blog and am finally liking it a lot. Can't wait to see that painting finished and see what she is reaching out to...

  28. Hey Lady, I am not on your list LOL!! I can't wait to see more of your work as usual. I best get my bum in gear and show my stuff!
    love ya..
    Darlene ♥

  29. Sharon - I'd love to be on your blog list! I'm going to add you to mine also.