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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Class Collage in Progress

The weekend is almost gone but I have worked my fanny off on my new class, Faces In Collage

I'm dying to show you the finished painting from this face in collage. 
Can't do it. 
It's in the class!!!
Now I'm going to sit and conjure up all the details so I can announce them to you. 


  1. Please hurry....I'm waiting with "baited" breath.....or in this case, with itchy fingers on the keyboard!!!

  2. waiting....not so patiently...worried mostly about price, tho. I know the class will be awesome, no doubt.

  3. You're killing us with the suspense Sharon. :)

  4. Hi Sharon,
    OMG, I laughed at your first sentence on post today.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished piece also.
    Creative hugs,

  5. I am so hyped about this - I'm ready for you to announce it and start TODAY! LOL!


  6. Wow! I love your work! I'll be back!

  7. Now we are on the edge of our seats! How fun!


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