Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lady Jane

She whirled her feathers to practice dusting.

A small handbag with original mixed media painting on muslin. As you can see I didn't embellish the back. The black fabric added on the front is stamped with various circles in white and metallic. Love that.

I finished her yesterday and even balanced a little yard work into the day. With my sidekick, Tim, I cleaned some flower beds. Also trimmed up the crepe myrtle at the corner and cut out the trash hackberry tree that had come up. Oh yes and I moved one Rose of Sharon that had also seeded in the bed I was cleaning.
I'm off now to balance a little ART into this beautiful day.
More later,


  1. This is STUNNING. Love the faric and she looks perfect surrounded by it.
    Isn't gardening the best?

  2. Love this one, it's terrific material and I like what you've done to the front with your stamped fabric

  3. I love all the circles on this and the style of the bag. She looks just perfect on it!! smiles...

  4. Are you Ok!?
    Don't worry my muse...she is on fire!

  5. Love this small handbag

    Just gorgeous.