Sunday, April 08, 2007

She.....loved her "she bag"

Here is the birthday girl. My sweet daughter-in-law. We had such a great birthday celebration yesterday at her Mom's and Dad's. I enjoyed seeing their brand new home and the dinner was so delish. I loved seeing my wonderful son and there boys.
I showed the beginning of this She Bag Friday. I stayed up until 12:30 to get it finished for gifting. I think she really did love the bag. There is a pencil pocket on this side under the turquoise collage.

This side has a pocket all the way from side-seam to side-seam..again the turquoise forms the pocket.
Hope you are having a Nice Easter. We are actually having our White Christmas here in central Texas. It snowed all day yesterday and there is still some on the ground. It's just a little CRAZY weird. But maybe now I can go put the Christmas stocking hangers away. They were missed and still perch on the edge of the mantle. And the Snowman table runner...I really am going to change that out now with a springyfied one. Susan called my attention to the Scarecrow Welcome plaque hanging at the front door. We never did get any trick or treaters...we live to far off the road I guess. And I really didn't forget that it was there, just busy playing ART. And the flagpole hasn't announced a season yet. It just looks like a stick protruding from the brick.
So, I'm not even going to go look for eggs in the snow. We have lots of bunnys and chickens but who would know around here what the day is.
More later,


  1. SHE has such a great bag!! Lucky girl... it matches the Great Smile she wears :)

  2. who wouldn't be positively overjoyed and thrilled with that bag. Your daughter-in-law is one lucky woman!
    She wears it well.

  3. So glad SHE loved her SHE bag! It's beautiful and so is SHE!
    Have a great week.