Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm a Thinking Blogger

There is a whole lot of thinking going on. Does this doodle make you think?

Maybe you were thinking I missed a couple of weeks with my calendar doodle. I did.

Maybe you were thinking I haven't been doing any ART. I don't think I have.

Maybe you were thinking she's crazy. I am.

OK, so here I go. This week I had a new set of gel pens at arms length right here on my desk. I have had gel pens before and never managed to use them until they quite playing nice. I was trying to cover as much of the page as I could with gel pen but I did use a bit of oil pastel crayons to finish off the background. Gel pens don't dry to fast. And I kinda smeared. But I liked the smeared look. How about you? I even put my finger prints on the page. If left long enough they eventually dry. I don't know why I'm telling you this because I am probably the last one to play with gel pens.

I like seeing what writes on top of what. I can report that gel pen writes on top of oil pastel and those Zig calligraphy pens write on top of gel and oil pastel.

So think about that.

A blogger buddy, Jeannie has nominated me for the thinking blogger award. I hope I gave you something to think about today.

Now I am suppose to send you to five or so thinking bloggers. Actually, I think that all bloggers are thinkers and I'm having a hard time with naming just five. So I think if you just click on any of those in my will find a lot to think about. And if you are one of those in my sidebar......consider yourself nominated for the THINKING BLOGGER AWARD.

Speaking of my sidebar....I still haven't got in back into shape since having to change over from old blogger to new blogger. Lazy...procrastanator...comes to mind.

More later,



  1. I tried to find your finger prints, but couldn't... Very colorful and 'flowy'. It's not easy to find pens that will write over layers of different paints - ZIG pens are on my wish list now...

  2. My son has a set of inexpensive felt tip pens with a couple of "graffitti pens" thrown in, whatever they are. They seem to be able write over most things. I like your drawing. I think it would make a great design for a fabric for a kaftan or something, if you don't mind me saying so. It would be great to WEAR those colours and shapes!

  3. In one area the finger prints became a butterfly. Above the "Ashly Prom" is another and then there is more higher up. Most are in the red color and maybe higher up green. Fun