Friday, April 27, 2007

TGI Friday

So, Friday is here and you know what that means.
I always say that to my DH and he falls for it every time and says, "what?" with such surprise.
Then I tell him, "it means you take me out to eat".
He never does...
So, today it means I show my calendar doodle for this week. Not a lot of doodling here. I got several rolls of wallpaper last Saturday on the Treasure Hunt and I've been using some in a journal I'm working on. I used this little scrap on my calendar this week.
He's gone.
I'm doing some serious Art-AT-The-Desk just now. Oh mercy you should see this. I have this office looking like my studio at home.
The project at hand is another journal for a silent auction in Waco. I have to get it finished or near finished this weekend.
Oh gosh this weekend. That means I will spend some time on my think-tank. However, I'm learning to love tall grasses. The only problem is that I eventually must mow and then it takes so long because I learned to love tall grasses.
Oh life.....I need time....
More later,


  1. Always a favoirte with me, the calendar doodles! When you get published The Hubbs will be sorry he missed so many Friday dinners!

  2. I look forward to fridays cause I know I get to see your doodles! Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Did he not take you to dinner afterall? Are you setting aside the She bags for a new venture? I must try the doodling, must!! Funny, I usually doodle while on the phone. Maybe I need to walk away from blogs and emails and just talk on the phone more often...

  4. I love your calendar doodles!

  5. Miss Sharon,
    Thank you so much for your very supportive comment this weekend, it means the world to me...
    I will also take up your suggestion on the doodling!!! Glad to hear you're not over the SheBags as well because they are just sooo awesome!
    Come on over, I'll take you out to dinner ;)

  6. I always love those doodles! So much fun!
    Have a great week Sharon!!