Friday, June 20, 2008

Check In

Here is my Friday checking in post.
First thing, the napkins y'all are sending are out of this world. I know there is more on the way. Plus, if you haven't sent yours, it's not too late.
It's never too late. Even if out of the blue, you sent me a napkin, I would send you one back. That's the deal.
Second, this pic is just for blog post prettiness today. Not ready to show and is just a last night's head start for the weekend.
Third, about the weekend. One of the office morning coffee drinkers ask about my weekend as he left this morning. I thought I would share with you what I shared with him.
My to-do list:
1. That dead wasp that has been on the floor right in the doorway between the kitchen and bedroom for quite a while will be picked up this weekend. I will dispose in the trash or maybe just chunk it out side. Not sure yet.
2. The folded pink fitted sheet that has been laying on the dresser for quite a while will get moved to the other bedroom but I can put it on the bed yet because the mate to it needs a little repair and that is not on the weekend to-do list.
4. Each pair of shoes that can be found at each entrance to the house and the pair by my chair and the pair just outside my closet door will be gathered up and redistributed or maybe put in the closet.
That's it. That's my list. You know me, if I put it on a list, I will do it.
How about a Friday/Weekend challenge. (It is kinda what started to above painting). Google Gustav Klimt and study some of his paintings. Then, choose some element that he uses and be inspired to incorporate it into your weekend bit of art. You can do this. It doesn't matter if you are doing a painting, an assemblage, a scrapbook page, an ATC, a tag, something big or little. Try it and let us know.
Enough for now. I have to go. The mail person has just brought more napkins.


  1. Sharon, Just sent you napkins! I couldn't find any, but a friend did and gave me enough for you and me! Sending you a tiny something extra too. As for Gustav "The Kiss"....I always think of making a quilt when I see all the detail in that painting. Love the weekend "to do list." And, oh yes....your painting was a hit at my monthly quilters/beaders meeting. (OF COURSE!!!) Take care. Pat

  2. Cool challenge! I'll have to get started on this today.

    Love your weekend plans. My kind of chores. ;-)


  3. How is that list coming?!
    When Mr. J. asks me what I have planned for Saturday I usually say my goal is to get up......then have coffee. Anything beyond that is a bonus. LOLOL
    I did not art today...laundry, cleaning....blogging. Oh, and started my order on Dick Blick.

    xo Rella

  4. Sharon it must be so exciting receiving all of these napkins in the mail each day!!!!
    Thanks for the challenge, I have started a Gustav Klimt inspired doll, I just love his art!
    I had planned to do lots of housework this weeked, but I have done more socialising and arting!

  5. I'm already a Klimt girl... I had made his tree of life in gold leaf in our bedroom in our flat... and his square-triangles as a frieze in the hall... And did you know, there is an exhibition of his paitings in Liverpool at the moment? we're booked on the 13th July.. Can't wait to see them FOR REAL!!! Do you want some napkins if there are any???