Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sisters' Tea Party

and a Huge Fight!

Did you try the Klimt Challenge? I really wasn't going to share this with you but heck, you know me, if I take pictures then I gotta show. The truth is, I was going to offer this up for the "tea party" theme at Cloth Paper Scissors.

That's why I only showed this little snippet in Friday's post. So now you can watch her transition. Watch her come to life.

Before I give you the blow-by-blow, I should report that all my weekend chores from the to-do list have been completed.

When I feel a struggle while painting, I have come to know that it is Norah'S presence. Sometimes she quietly leads me and sometimes we resist each other. Today, we had a knock-down-drag-out!

This "Klimt Challenge" was all her idea in the first place. I had already planned to go about this Sister painting differently.



Usually, I cut out the head from the plain paper print to transfer to the canvas. Here you see I have used the whole square. I thought it would be fun to see what might happened and how I might incorporate them. So, in the above, the images have been transferred using Golden Soft Gel (matte).
Next, I start putting color on the canvas. This is therapeutic and this is when I start to daydream. Que Norah'S entrance.

As I recall, earlier Thursday, I had been exposed to something "Klimt". And what I was thinking about was all the little flowers he uses every where. Norah's great idea was to print sheets of flowers from my on garden pictures and to cut them into little circles and just glue them down......we did.

Sometimes you just know something is going to be a challenge (struggle). (conflict). (fight).

So, I went to bed. But not before changing the "snippet's" neck position and convincing or being convinced to change the frock color. We concurred on this struggle.

Friday morning, I got up and laid some more of the collage elements down on the canvas and snapped a picture. I'm having difficulty. I'm thinking there may be no hope. Norah'S thinking, there is hope. NO. YES. NO.

No art Friday night, too many weekend chores. We're not talking to each other anyway. Silent game.

This is after a fresh start Saturday morning with coffee. Everything has been glued down. Finding their frock in the blank white area was a challenge. And we are still at each other about certain little areas. But I agree, there is hope. The couch was calling so we watched a movie and went to bed.

Fresh start Sunday morning with coffee. I decided to add more "Klimt" doodles. I'm convinced that's what a lot of his background and detail is. Klimt doodles. And here is where we had the biggest fight. I knew, thiswasnotgoingtowork! It was Norah'S idea to just keep going. NO. YES. No. I swear sometimes, I don't know who is pushing or who is pulling. But I'm the one with the brush in hand and so I've got the power to paint it out. I did!

It's not that I didn't like it. It just wasn't doing what I wanted it to do in this painting. Then.....

We moved on to the area that was still bugging me. Understand, I know better that to try to remove collage elements. So why in the world would I even try? Why would I need to? I don't know, one of us is c-r-a-z-y....and it's not me. She nearly made me mess up that beautiful little tea cup.

Now, tell me what you did? What Klimt elements were you inspired by? There are at least three more in mine that I haven't mentioned. Can you name them?

Enough for this week,



  1. Looks like someone won out..Norah? or Sharon? there are days like this where we struggle with things and then the end result was worth all the strugle (?) looks good to me!!

  2. Ok, Sharon, this painting may possibly be the most wonderful floral tea party I have ever seen!!!
    I could look at this all day!!! And, to top it took this Klimt thing over the top. I did something...I MAY post on my blog about it tomorrow. Will let you know if I do. I might possibly have the most lame artwork going...I don't paint, but tried. My favorite thing was using the napkins. Klimt didn't do that, of course, but YOU do, and I wanted to try it, since I think I like what you do lots more than I like what he did. (Well, I do love his use of flowers though!) The little piece I did isn't inspiring in any way, but it was an effort, which is important, I think. It was also a participation exercise...just to be a part of your's well, challenging and I always love a challenge. Next time I try this...I'll probably use fabric, too, since I have such a stash of it. You're just the best and so is Norah!!! Pat at birdnestontheground

  3. I burst out laughing when I saw the addition of 'Norahs crazy too'...OMG, you crack me up.

    I adore the sunflower hats...just love them. And that tea cup..amazing and I held my breath when you mentioned she almost caused a problem with it...I thought "ohhhh noooooo, am I going to scroll down and see it messed up?!"

    So....are you NOT happy with this piece?

    xo Rella
    It was great seeing you visit at the nest today...The candle rubbing worked brilliantly!!

  4. I love to see your creative process!
    I like Klimt very much and maybe on day I'll try do paint something in his style, unfortunately last weekend I was away and didn't take my painting supplies with me.
    I'd love to take part in the tea party with the sisters, I love tea! *^v^*

  5. I love to see your step by step thought processes, especially between you and Norah! At least you know who is persuading you in different directions! lol I love the Klimt doodles, flowers and hats. I'll have to come up with something this week! Thanks for posting the challenge!

  6. Lets see, The rectangular area behind the sister on the left looks very Klimt inspired to me. What else? Have to go back for another look.


  7. Hi Sharon, I made my two Klimt inspired fabric dolls (I am about to upload them onto my blog).
    I had drawn this pattern up a while ago as I love the odd angles he uses for his womens necks etc. Hope it worked!
    Thanks for the inspiration - I had fun with these girls. Might have to try a canvas now!

  8. I don't know about Klimt, but I see a face in that flower at the bottom. I love it!

  9. These are gorgeous! I love them!

  10. ~sigh~ what a gorgeous painting!!

    I wish you would come to my house and be my teacher...


  11. amazing sharon, i just adore the ladies sun hats and gloves, so very propper :)) Congrats!!!

  12. i am ga ga for the ribbons on their flower hats!


  13. Wow I am so glad I have found your blog, your art is so beautiful. Belinda

  14. I so love your work, it's amazing and makes me very very happy! maybe one day i will get me one of your's absolutely gorgeous....i want to be one of those women you paint, they are all so serene and beautiful!

  15. Lovely piece, Sharon! Please thank Norah for the fight--it certainly inspired wonderful work!

    I truly loved this challenge. You can find my effort on my blog, here.


  16. fhaaonI cannot believe Norah almost ruined the teacup!!!!! Please speak to her strongly. You KNOW that is one of my favorite parts of the painting. Sharon, reading about your process is fascinating to me, and it is so wonderful of you to share it. I love the photographs before the paintings are finished. It's the next best thing to watching you create. As someone new/old to painting, I've learned so much from you. One of the most valuable lessons I've learned, though, is that I can experiment and I can try whatever I want to try and I can use any materials I want to. It's all good stuff because I will learn something from the process, as well as the product. Thank you for your generosity and for you sweet comments on my blog. I just reread this and realize how much I am gushing, but I mean it so... Thanks

  17. Love the tea party...and, love the challenge. I jumped out of my box to create a small "after Klimt" collage. You can view it at Looking forward to more.


  18. Removing a collaged element - yeah right! Loving the tea party.

  19. I found your blog from your post on QA and just LOVE your work!!

    I see today is your napkin deadline or I would have jumped in on that.

    You are a great artist and wonderful writer. I've bookmarked you. :)

  20. What a lovely log to read. I enjoyed your process with this painting, thanks!

    I love the hats from the ladies.

  21. Thanks for sharing your creative process. I love seeing how this painting came to life....even with all the bickering! :-)

    I'm very behind (I was sick) so this is catch-up time for me.

  22. You both won, it is really lovely. Sunflowers always make me smile, so I really enjoy this. You are a wonderful teacher, and I learned alot as you battled it out!
    Thank you for this, Mary

  23. Sharon, I really hope you turn this in to us!

  24. So that is what goes on in your head? love it... this was absolutely awesome post showing your steps..and thoughts. What a tea party..if the sisters only knew..I guess they do!

  25. Oh, the three things: the 'flow' of the flowers (flower bonnets esp. sunflowers), the geographic pattern behind, and the third one is stumping me...the colors? I'm inspired by his doodles I have to say..and swirls and colors.

  26. LOL! I love reading about your "fights" with Norah! =) I wonder who "won" this one? You both make me smile. It IS a gorgeous painting!

    Thank you so much for the comments and advice you left on my blog - I so appreciate it! =)

  27. Catherine WitherellJune 28, 2008 4:31 PM

    I think you're all crazy! All 3 of you. But, for the commenting's sake, I love the eyes, the hands, the cups, the hats, the ribbons, the cascading flowers, the Klimt-like details, the colors, oh, and the buttons! AND the diaphanous quality of their clothes. I wish I could paint like that.


  28. I just love your work Sharon! So beautiful and it makes me happy just looking at it! Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment about my CPS article. I hope you did submit this, it's wonderful!

  29. Absolutely beautiful! I so enjoy looking at your art.