Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lets talk

I was in a talking mood about 2 hours ago. Had so much on my mind to tell about. Then I had to do work. And lost it all.

I have painted some more sisters. This one is for "The Winner". The others are for the black and white box journey. I hope to get them all on their way into the world tomorrow.

I just took some face shots of me. Don't do it. Well maybe you are young and pretty. In that case, do it. If not, well let me just say it makes me want to do go into hibernation. I am looking my years. Eyes sag. Enough...

This morning, I went out early to feed the birds and there was the most pleasant cool breeze that just made me want to skip work today. Couldn't.

Our big rooster just disappeared. Means something big got him.

Good thing we hatched these. They have several brothers and or sisters.

I wonder if one of these could be our new rooster. See that tail.

You know what else? The blue bird box has the third nest of eggs in it. Two other boxes have had hatches. That will make five hatches of blue birds and one of chickadees. I am the wingkeeper.

Enough for now,



  1. BEautiful,
    age doesnt matter what matter is life
    and the privilege to have it, while people we love didnt have the same.

  2. aww those birds are gorgeous! So beautiful!

  3. Sorry about the rooster. When I was growing up, we had a rooster that followed my dad around like a pet dog. If either I or any of my sisters tried to get close to dad, all he had to do was show his big talons. You can bet we ran! I love the continued work with the sisters!

  4. They are so cute! sad no rooster..Isn't that nice you are the wingkeeper now :)

  5. I did some face shots not too long ago....I know what you mean. But we are wiser...right? We earned those wrinkles.
    I am your assistant. I have five baby Eastern Phoebe's on my front porch. I can't believe how fast they grow. I am watching closely, they are about to outgrow the nest and will soon be taking flying lessons.

  6. This is so beautiful, I love birds, I have houses for them all over the farm. I had to change my blog to a new pleace. I have a new URL. If you click on shopgirl it will take you to my new home. I have alot to do on it to make it home. OX, Mary

  7. Indeed you are the wingkeeper. Lovely little chickies. Birds have taken up a home in one of DH's birdhouses but I don't know what kind they are. I'll have to ask him.


  8. I know what you mean about self portrait photos. But I have decided I am a lot younger today than I will be in 20 years. Then I will look back at those photos and think about how young I looked today.

  9. When I was three, I was attacked by a big, tall, white rooster. I remember it and to this day...61 years later, I still recall it. So, unfortunately, I have a fear of being near roosters and chickens. I am fine as long as they are in front of me...but if they are behind me or come up on either side...I'm scared to death! I'm sorry you lost your rooster, though, and these little chicks are really cute. I agree about the photos. I'm discovering of late that I look more like my mother than I thought! Have fun anyway! Pat at birdnestontheground

  10. such a beautiful new painting! and the chicks are adorable!

  11. So sorry about your rooster. :(

    Beautiful pics. I hope there is a nice rooster in the bunch for you.

  12. I want to see your face with all the things that time and challenges do it is okay. We weather our storms a bit differently. Some are more protected than others. Some come with natural material that weathers less but it all is beautiful. Surviving and learning and loving and creating and knowing who created me has etched my story into my physical being. I cannot hate that, only the standard that says beauty only looks young is deserving of disdain. Kudos to you for taking the pictures and hopefully sometime you will take courage and share them just as you share the other lovely creations!

  13. Sharon, tonight my daughter read her reader to me and there were chickadees in it - we don't have them here in Aus,
    Marelle (Australia)