Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great Weekend

I'm still talking about napkins.
How about you?
Kate, "I received your package of napkins."
Oh how I love them.
Calla Lilly
See, I have already glued one down.
This is just a little peak of my weekend painting.
Had to show you at least a peak.
But no more.
It is relevant to today's "napkin talk".
Get in on the napkin swap if you love napkins.
Just scroll down to earlier post this week for the how to.
First, I want to answer a few questions.
Jacky, said,
"......are you going to let us in on the secret about Tuesday mornings?"
Jacky lives down under and I'm thinking they don't have the store, Tuesday Morning. It is just store with all kinds of stuff and they have a great selection of napkins.
"...the one stamp won't work for us out of the country. You can only post from America using us stamps..."
I know and I'm busted.
I just thought it would be a cool way for me to get stamps from other countries.
"Already been used" stamps works for me.

My friend's call me Rella said, ".....Sometimes I notice the gorgeous napkins in the store have annoying hole things at the most wonderful part of the design.....I would describe it as brail!!! .... Do you know what I mean??"
I'm not sure Rella, but if you mean the little design that shows up in the above napkin, they are harmless. They are there to hold the three layers together.
Here is the corner of a canvas where I have applied the napkin with gel medium. As you can see, the "braille" goes away.
A comment from jblack design reminded me of something I forgot to tell you. That is about layering napkins. Because they are so translucent, you can layer them and use several different designs and she also gives a great tip on where to find, "... Estate sales and Goodwills are good places to find napkins, too. I found vintage ones from Japan last summer."
The above corner is the same corner that I showed in the sneak peak in the first photo at the top. Then the mail arrived with the beautiful Calla Lilly napkin.

Shopgirl said, "I went to lunch with my group of ladies...we went to one of the ladies house... I saw the napkins and thought of I gently put mine in my purse..." I'm laughing again as I post this but that reminded me of my funny story.
One of my friends here occasionally drops off a napkin or two. One day while I was out, she left four or five. I took them home and not until I started to use one that I noticed the circle impression in the middle (see above napkin). I just died laughing when I realized that she had swiped from a table somewhere all the napkins that were sitting under the water glasses.
So, if you are out of the country and want to swap, send me already been used stamp and it's OK with me if you want to send an already been used napkin.
I think I went over my time today, sorry.
Enough for today,


  1. WOW these napkins are gorgeous! I love how you are using them! It is so inspiring to me!

  2. Oh thank you, thank you, dear one for showing us that the 'braille' goes away with use. I can tell you I have passed up STUNNING napkins because of those indentations......WOOOHOOOO...WATCH OUT NOW!!!

    The dragonfly and flower napkin is gorgeous!! I must go back and see how long we have for the napkin swap.
    I may be in on this.

    xo Rella

  3. Alas, I have no napkins to swap. After reading this and the previous posts, I believe I must truly live in a "napkin black hole" as I NEVER see anything other than plain colors. I will have all acquaintances in neighboring towns on the lookout, don't you worry! Have a good week!!! Pat at birdnestontheground

  4. Sharon,

    I am glad to see the napkins arrived. Since you are already using them I guess they were a hit. The lily napkin is so pretty, I was so surprised to find it, when I walked into Tuesday Morning I felt like I found the mother lode of napkins. Now I need to start doing something with mine soon.


  5. Sharon, I'm sending you some napkins from Poland, if that's all right with you! *^v^*

  6. Tuesday morning is a great place..thought of you the otherday BEFORE your napkin post when I was there...

  7. Some gorgeous napkins are getting exchanged - what fun to see what you've made so far! This napkin exchange is such fun!!!

  8. I may not be commenting, but I'm soaking it all in!!! Love the napkins...I have none to trade...just my one duck from my Poland blog friend and I'm going to follow your directions!

  9. Oh, I am in love with the dragonfly napkin, and love how you use them, I have to start looking for them more, I only have one that I dearly love with a beach scene on them, I won't be in on the swap but I may just have to send you a couple of the beachy ones....
    I always enjoy my visit here

  10. ohhhh Sharon, your sneak peak looks so enticing, cannot wait to see more!!!

  11. Some new and used stamps coming your way from Aust. I thought you must have been collecting some for your art - I think they look great!

    What a great swap!

  12. I always feel so happy when I come here! I am a big fan of the pretty napkin too! I have a nice little stash - love designed tissue paper as well. Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  13. OOPs! *blushing embarrassed at being busted!* I am going to send you lots of the canceled stamps that I hoard and hopefully, when I fing the ?&%#"( doggone)napkins, we can all get on with our lives! Hugs from Sweden!

  14. that should say the doggone napkins, not the %&/?# napkins, lol!

  15. Sharon,
    You are so kind to share this tutorial; in fact, I've been so inspired and learned so much from reading your blog and perusing your photostream. To not only share your art, but the process too, is truly a loving and generous act. You are a beautiful soul.

    Thank you,

  16. I am so glad to have given you a are so talented, it is always a special treat to visit your blog. I haven't done anything for awhile, I have been busy in the garden and such. Also it is Birthday season for our family. So making gifts for these occations has been taking a good bit of time. I am getting the itch to get some fun things on my blog...
    Take Care Of you, Mary

  17. Hey Girl.....Thank you for your kind words! Did you notice the napkin you sent me in the group journal page? It is the same one you have featured.....morning glories:D Thanks again! and if I failed to mention before.....I love my print! The goodies you sent were great you can see, I am using them:) Linda