Sunday, June 29, 2008



I know you were here.

So I'll save my words.

Look at my new greens. I love green.

Napkin, of course.

Making postcards and ATCs.

Armed with plain paper copies of my ART.

And a goof print on really really good paper.

First thing I did was cut out the double printed area.
Actually, I really really like what happened and it made me think of this deVinci quote.

three and three

I don't think so.

Oh look, a card.

First postcard.

Second postcard.

Hey, a canvas. I see something here.
Third Postcard.
And that is a little bit of what I did.
Now if you missed some of that and have a question, just ask me in comments and I will answer you in comments.
Enough for now,


  1. Oh what fun you had!I want to play this game. I spent the day replenishing my business cards and making some envelopes for mail art. But it was fun too. While on vacation I acquired new toys to play with. I read someplace in your blog that it's never too late to swap napkins so I want to do it.I have some nice textured ones I think you will like.
    xo suze

  2. Heia!
    Beautiful cards, you get it to
    look so easy, but my card will not be
    so charming as your. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a great week.

  3. Holy crazy crap! I'm SO glad I came over to visit you today! I have to do a LO in a circle journal and the theme is "graffiti." I am SO gonna lift some of your ideas here. You friggin' rock!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Sharon (and Norah!)

  4. Sharon, I have been asked by non-quilters why I like to cut a square of fabric into little pieces then sew them back up into a different square. Just because it's fun, I say. Now I see you cut up a picture into small pieces and put it back together into a different picture. We are different, yet the same. I loved reading this post!!!!! And, oh yeah, green is my favorite color.....THANKS. Pat at birdnestontheground

  5. So much gorgeous eye candy. Your colour combinations are fabulous.

  6. Hi Sharon, I am enjoying seeing your creative process... love the new piece you are working on with the circles and those postcards!!! You are one busy lady these days...

  7. I now learn you love green.......o.k. then.
    What is the first piece with squares and writing and paint colors?

    don't you just love making postcards. Little pieces of fun to send all over the place. Will you sue the votive candle technique??

    xo Rella

  8. To answer Rella's question:
    The top photo is a watercolor block of paper where I have used a pencil to write stuff and make squares. Just something I needed to do. I knew it would be covered up but I really like writing with pencil on watercolor paper. Then I added some color in a few of the little squares. New paint. Had to use it.

    Since I didn't use watercolor I didn't need to seal with votive candle. Actually I sealed with Gel/Gloss and then I wished I had not. I would have used wax instead and melted it. Something I have not done before.

    So, when I get back to the ATCs, that is what I will do.

    Thanks for the questions/comments

  9. You are something else!!!!!!!! Always sharing and always inspiring:D THANK YOU! hugs, Linda

  10. LOVE these cards! Nice contrast between the graphic and romantic aspects and the colors are yummy. Thanks for showing the process.

  11. I know I've said this before but you are just amazing! There's so much to look at in this one post....and it's all beautiful!

  12. What a feast for the eyes! Which, mine are green and I also love green as you do! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Joyful!!

    Two color combinations I just LOVE are greens and pinks together. It reminds me of a very happy memory!


  14. Love the green, and the card is out of control wonderful. You make this look so easy, and for the art challeged like me, it is over the moon great.
    Hugs, Mary

  15. Love the green, and the card is out of control wonderful. You make this look so easy, and for the art challeged like me, it is over the moon great.
    Hugs, Mary

  16. Do you SEE how I am typing lately???I mean......sue instead of use?!! Geez, can you become dyslexic in your 50's?????????????????????

  17. To answer my friends call me rella's second set of questions:
    Yes, I saw that you typed 'sue' and I knew you meant 'use' and no you can't you become dyslexic in your 50's?????????????????????
    It's something else. Post men o pause.

  18. Lots of inspiration here. I like the way you cut the sheet of paper to get postcards and ATC's.

    BTW, whatever Rella has going on with typing I have too. I blame it on using a laptop. I hate typing on a laptop.


  19. I actually liked the squares with colors and text. I think it would make a wonderful background all by itself.

  20. You just make me want to try and do new adventurous things!! I SO LOVE coming here...WONDERFUL...MARVELOUS...BEAUTIFUL
    Artfully Yours,

  21. How come it always works out so effortlessly spot-on for you? It's always the right size, colours, shapes... Where can I buy such magic?
    Is it one of the invisible napkin layers? :-)

  22. To answer Miss*Laurence's questions:
    It doesn't feel effortless, but it does feel fun. I try not to have an expectation of the end results when I begin. Just one step at a time. Each step is a challenge as towhat the next thing will be. After the first napkin layer, I used Golden liquid acrylic green which is translucent and gives color but you can still see the layers beneath. Then in a few areas I added a second napkin. I wasn't necessarily happy with that as it blocked too much but it was good "enough" for me. And that's the magic, accepting each step as good "enough" even if it presents another challenge.

  23. These are lovely Sharon. I cannot pass by a paper napkin display now without thinking of you and your lovely collage work! Have a great day!

  24. Your work is absolutely breath taking. I love it and plan to add you to my list of favorite blogs!!!

    Peace & Love.

  25. Sharon

    What a wonderful post. I loved seeing how your postcard evolved. Once again you do incredible work. Thanks for sharing it all with us.


  26. I LOVE the look of the different pieces of artwork all layered into one! How clever!!

  27. woooowwwwser, you rock....these are fantastic and you are so wonderful to share your process!!