Saturday, November 08, 2008

And More xoxo

A few weeks ago I received this surprise in the mail from Zorana.
She was so clever with the wrapping. But look, the mail art envelope is painted in the Kelly Rae Roberts style which was a big clue about the contents. After carefully opening my surprise...what is this. Wrapped again. I opened the white wrapping with the cute "discover" collage and OMGoodness. Another wrapper with Zorana Roses painted on it. I finally slipped out the book. What a fun day that was. I was feelin the blog love. Thank you my bbff for thinking of me.
By the way, I recommend Kelly's book. It is a very unique book and I am enjoying it very much.


  1. Wow!! How special you are! I love seeing your special treats; thanks for sharing!

  2. That Zorana!!! what lovelies. Your mailman must be delighted to deliver you mail. Can you imagine how delightful it would be to see such wonderful mail when you mostly see boring blah, blah, blah bills??

    xo Rella

  3. When I saw that envelope I thought it was from Kelly Rae! I also have her book and plan to try her style of painting. I already started the layers.
    That Zorana...what a sweetheart! And what fun mail to get!

  4. I can feel your glee! Can't wait to see some of your treasures show up in your art.


  5. Zorana... I love her blog. Her paintings and journals...lucky you Sharon. Such a wonderful surprise in the mail.


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