Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One Feather

Another "found" poem from the text in my old dictionary. Can you wait to see the page a little later in the week?

I'll be back for sure to show.

Have you been looking for new poems?

Just wondering,


  1. Not looking...but I am pretty proud of a limerick I wrote for a giveaway on MA Moss's blog...I'll recite it here for your enjoyment:

    I am sitting here craving chicken
    the kind that requires finger lickin'
    but with no money at all
    and no delivery to call
    I am felling a little bit sickened.

    Cheers :)

  2. I could have written that limerick, but my third line would be btu at 3,327 miles hope in this day, my fingers from chicken I will be! Got no poems,..none at all! :)

  3. Another thing on my to-do list...thank you.

  4. No artwork around here this week......mother in law back in hospital, been wrapped up in the election, and now getting ready to take husband to VA for checkup. But, hopefully, and I'm full of hope these days......I can delve into something FUN this weekend. Stopped by today to see what you were doing...taking some inspiration with me! Thanks, once again. Pat

  5. I love your poem. How appropriate for the wingkeeper! Can't wait to see the artwork that goes with it.

  6. Just found your blog and what a coincidence - I just saw you're beautiful "Sister's Tea in the Lilly Garden" on the Cloth, Paper,Scissors site a few days ago. It is gorgeous!

  7. I see you came over and saw what I have hanging on my fan pulls.
    I am still working on the "dare"

  8. How great! Even when I look I don't find poems that nice.

  9. I really like that idea... and your poem too!

  10. Yay yay yay - my copy of CPS arrived in the mail today (yes, I really do live at the ends of the earth ... anyway) and there it was -- your artwork published. I knew it had happened, from previous posts of course, but it was cool to hold it in my hands. Wonderful :-)

  11. Sharon, thank you for your encouragement...your work is so beautiful and so prolific, I am so happy to see your lovely paintings... Inspirational...Fall leaf Blessings

  12. PS did Norah hear my Christmas song and see the video on my blog? My muse danced through out.

  13. I love your found poem...

    No, I havent been looking, I've been too busy...I need to make some time for my art methinks.

    Looking forward to what you make with this one. I am loving how you are using all of the text in this series.


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