Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been Tagged

and I've been running just as fast as I can. you go
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Toni Curtis and

for some Random or Unknown or Crazy things about ME.

1. Do my new shoes count? I'm not the only one in town with them. No you don't bounce off the ground.

2. I hate to shop for clothes. So I have none.

3. I love to shop for art supplies.

4. This morning I needed to paint something before I could leave the house. So I tried out these new colors on some scrap card stock. Collage fodder.

5. Last night I dreamed I was driving down a dirt road with someone and I saw a beautiful tree that had been drawn in the dirt in the field with very unusual branches. I woke up looking for my camera.

6. Today I'm wondering who did that...tree drawing in the dirt.

7. I have an article being published in Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Spectacular!

Enough for now,


  1. I can't wait for your article. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Me too! I am proud of you blogger friend. And those shoes...scary!

  3. I'm afraid I would break every single joint in my body if I even touched those shoes, let alone wore them! You are brave!!!
    Tree drawing in the dirt. How unique! As a kid we used to draw our house-layout (you know, mark the rooms and the kitchen) in the dirt under trees when we played "house" outdoors! Not quite as inspiring as a tree drawn in dirt, but you brought back that memory :)

  4. Looking forward to your article.Congratulations on being published! Now, about the shoes.I'd fall off of them and never be able to get up again.I'm with you on not liking to shop for clothes.

  5. Congrats on the article, that's exciting! I understand those shoes are suppose to be comfy.

  6. Congratulations on the article, I can't wait to see. You couldn't perhaps be showing how to use napkins?
    I understand the no clothes thing for me its shoes. I hate shopping for them so I only have a few pair.


  7. I hate shopping for clothes too and love it for art supplies. Is there any other way? I look forward to the next CPS!

  8. Congrats on your article. I'll be on the lookout for the magazine.


  9. And will you be painting those fancy shoes???Congrats on the pub.

  10. Hi, Sharon! I'm with you when it comes to shopping likes and dislikes. I was inspired to write, though, to tell you that seeing those lacy images on your art makes me regret not still having at least one of my mom's old plastic doilies! Throwing things away is harder for me than even clothes shopping so I try to forget and move on once it's done. Still, once in a while...

    Sherry in Little Rock

  11. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for dropping by and you are welcome! You are the one who got me started on Cloth,Paper,Scissors and I will anxiously await the January issue. Congratulations! And those shoes, I'd fall on my face!

  12. Don't you just love dreams. I am always trying to find out what mine mean. Last night, I dreamed of all my family living in the woods, the next thing I knew there was a large Bear coming my way. I got in a hole and it passed me by.
    I was scared in the dream. Crazy stuff. I should do a dream journal, now that would be funny.
    Hugs, Mary

  13. I am looking forward to seeing your article... you go girl!

  14. An infusion nurse I see wears those shoes and she loves them.


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