Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Blog Love

This wonderful package came stuffed full of all kind of papers, stamps, napkins more of my lost relatives. Art they cute.

Notice the picture in the lower left corner of the Art Mail. And then notice the picture in the middle on top of the envelope. And then .........

.....take a closer look at the picture here.

Last summer when I posted the photograph on my blog, Patricia at Bird Nest On The Ground was inspired and ask permission to use the photo to make one of her miniature fabric art landscapes.

It is beautiful. She replicated the photo in fabric and thread....wish you could see the tiny stitches.

But there is more!

After I admired a vintage "Church Purse" on Pat's blog, she made me one.

She studied the original and was able to make a wonderful copy of it. It is so sweet and I love it.

Thank you Pat, xoxo


  1. WOW- it's like Christmas over there!

  2. I cannot get over that card, stitched replica of your photo. Just something else. I may have to camp out by your mailbox for a while to see what I can find! :)

  3. I love everything! What wonderful gifts.
    I love the little is so cute, well it is really old fashioned.
    Happy Weekend, Mary

  4. Sharon, Well, aren't you nice to share my package with your readers. I hope they enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them. As you know, I love details and working with "tedious" things.....and love sharing them with those who inspire YOU!!! You're the best! Sure appreciate you, my friend. Pat

  5. Beautiful package from Pat. Of course I just LOVE that little stitchery and the church purse is just the sweetest.