Friday, June 04, 2010

Got Guts

OK, this might be the first and only post that I "delete". But for now, you need to know that, "I am an ARTIST with Guts".

I am doing this and day dreaming about doing this and that is that!
I only showed one person and he just rolled his eyes. Did you? I didn't really show him. I just passed by with a black marker in my hand baiting him. Sure enough he ask, "what are you writing?" I flashed my leg; he rolled his eyes; and that was that. Then the next day, yesterday, I had guts to begin to make the day dream happen. Maybe. It could. Then this morning I needed to tell U (Universe).
ABOUT YOU: You guys are thrilling me with your comments and posting about my new workshop. I chuckle with delight reading what Wendy said"....Your message is being broadcast to all readers of Craft Dinner". Dolls with Destiny who is just now starting a blog said she has told her sister. Joeanns who is a new student in the Faces: All Norah'S workshop said she has told three people. Lynne from the UK doesn't have a blog but she has emailed the link to a bunch of people. And I ♥ ♥ ♥ all you guys who put up a button in your sidebar. Don't worry about multiply comments on that post, I am writing the names down as we go so I and draw from the hat. I'm so happy that I thought to make it clear to the ARTIST who don't yet have a blog.
Class Name: Faces in Technicolor
Start Date: June 18, 2010
Cost: $55.00

My new class is now open for registration. The class is about painting faces with a wild and crazy palette of Technicolors.

I am so excited to share with you the fun of non-traditional flesh colors in faces as well as the how and why of it. In this class we will start with a blank white canvas, go on a model search, discuss the importance of values when painting faces, do an exercise to better see values, discuss the color wheel, go on a search for background inspiration and learn how to incorporate the colors in the background.

I will demonstrate using a few Golden heavy body paints and mediums. However, you do not have to use the same brand or colors that I will be using.

Registration is now open. The class Start Date is June 18th. There are 10 lessons of over 4 hours of video. I have not worked out the exact class schedule yet but the videos will be presented over a course of several weeks. I'm thinking 3.

As always, this class will not have an end date. It will be available for you at your leisure, dressed or not.

It makes me so happy to offer this because you know what? I love the "teacher love" that I have received.

You can visit my Ning network here. Sign up if you haven't already. I'll pass you through. There is a paypal button for the class there as well as here.
Sharon Pendergraft, the winner of the first free spot is already over there in the classroom along with a few others. Nothing is up yet on the blackboard but I will be posting the class schedule and supplies and stuff asap. In the meantime, it is a fun place to meet and visit while waiting for the teacher.

I'm so thrilled with the excitement about the new class. Thank you.
♥ Sharon
hello hello...are you still here?


  1. Sharon, Love the ink! Do you think me and the 3 will try to follow those footsteps too :) May your next class be a huge success! I have sure enjoyed reading and celebrating with the classmates their successes. Hugs to you and him too!

  2. As I look at the things that i wrote on the back of my hand earlier in Sharpie (Limited Edition Earl Grey)...I am reminded of yet another reason why I like you!

    I found a face, lost a face, found a face, lost a face, found, lost, found, I think, a face. Napkins. Gel medium....a little bit more staring...and I think I may have made a new friend!

    Thank you! Good luck with your flying lessons! ; D

  3. Hey Sharon thats a great start for your tattoo! I was thinking of a leg tattoo today but it had something to do with coloring outside the lines. Have a great weekend...I am bummed that I didn't win a spot in your class.
    Congrats to the winner.

  4. Go girl, go, good luck with the class (you don't really need luck, you're a very talented artist)