Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technicolor Lunch

While scarfing down this beautiful golden butternut squash and juicy tomato from our garden, here at this desk-in-town, it occurred to me how much the colors were exactly mimicking my palette from this morning's ART.

My Faces in Technicolor class is kicking my butt. The most talented and willing group of students have assembled and from what I can tell, they are totally immersed in the technicolor process.

My painting classes include a Gallery for Critique inside the class room and after a quiet weekend of them watching videos, they very quickly begin to show me in the gallery.

Then it is my tern to tell....critique.
For example here is a snip from one critique, ".......well done and fine just the way it is. But, if you want to perfect it just a little, I wish for you to study where the lights and darks are in your models nostril area of her nose. Do you see how the flare of the nostril creates a hard shadow line that defines the upper side of the hole......."

or here's another,
"♥ The end of the nose/nostril area it beautiful. This is the hardest part of the nose for me and you were so brave to get that beautiful shadow of her nose right out there on her face. So good!"

from another,
"I'm so proud that you challenge yourself to do real known people portraits. And you do have a gift of getting the likeness.
♥ You captured the likeness of her mouth but you could set the corners down with your darkest dark. Study that area in your model.
♥ I know you can be brave with color. (LOL) And you can be more brave on her with color....but only if you would like it...."

You see, it is kicking my butt because this is my favorite part of the class even though it is very time consuming. It is like we are all in the same room and I'm teaching and everybody gets to read the critiques and learn from them. They will be the first to tell you how helpful it is.

The little peeper in the photo above with the golden squash is work-in-progress. I intentionally held up the video of the third face demonstration until the Faces in Technicolor class started. I wanted it to be fresh and maybe address some of the classroom issues. This third face starts with Lesson eleven and will be up Friday, July 2nd (ha that's my birthday).

My desk in town calls....


  1. This is the best photo EVER! I love the colors and I'm hungry and I want your lunch. Yup, your critiques are very gentle but extra informative. I never notice those things until you point them out and then it's easier to correct them and make the painting look better. I think I'll make acorn squash for my lunch today (because that's what you posted a couple of days ago and I went and bought it).

  2. A lovely lunch, does not compare to
    provolone cheese on wheat. If you just think of the color you can see the vitimin definency. However I have had technicolor weeding, and I have a technicolor face myself, a lot of flush color.
    I don't think I have seen a tube of flush.

    So your snippet of a painting is very motivational. It does match your lunch, very clever of you.
    AS Laura mentioned you have a full sleeve of tricks.

    So your saying to yourself, how can that woman get anything done with constant blogging, and general fooling around. I have no idea. It must be the Miricle Grow.

  3. Thank you my friend Zorana. Once again Emelie, you crake me up. I need some Miricle Energy.

  4. Oh Sharon/Norah I am so envious of them! Wishing I could particpate...maybe in future if my paintings and dolls sell!

    Your painting is beautiful and so is your sqash!

  5. your class and your critiques sound wonderful. I am looking forward to taking this class when I have a wee bit of an opening in my life. Can you tell me the supplies needed so that I can be thinking ahead?

    Also thank you for the napkin package, I am loving using them in my art!

  6. What a gorgeous lunch. You are making me hungry for squash. We think of them as an Autumn vegetable in the north.
    Holding off on joining your latest class which is killing me when I read this post, but I have an art fest in just a few weeks & am far from being ready.
    Spread some teacher love on FB tonight. ;-)

  7. Isn't it amazing how colors of things reflect one another. Your lunch looks great and certainly goes with the painting, LOL!


  8. they both look totally delectable! i am so glad your classes are going so well, sharon! no surprise to me!

  9. Happy Birthday! It's Friday already here.