Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Remedy for feeling stretched

I have a "feeling stretched" remedy for you. A friend told me this a long long time ago. She said when feeling overwhelmed with all the many task at hand, just pick one and do it. So, I did. The task that I managed was to update my sweet grandson's COTAforRyanT website. That was the most important task.

But I also have my own remedy that works. I made a list of the many task that were building up in my head and getting all crowded and pushed around and causing me to "feel stretched".

And then I managed to actualize and mark off several things. One of which was to get the Lesson Schedule posted over in the classroom of the Faces in Technicolor class. Here is the opening day:
JUNE 18, 2010
LESSON ONE (11:55): ♥About the class ♥Canvas preparation ♥Finding a model

LESSON TWO (13:47): ♥Sketch discussion ♥Value discussion ♥Sketch demonstration

LESSON THREE (9:37): ♥Color value exercise
( those aren't times....that is the length of each video)

I can't tell you just how excited I am about the class. It is a good class with great lessons to be learned; but the exciting part is getting to see all the students paintings and feeling their enthusiasm and seeing their pride with painting. Some of my students are painting for the first time and it just gives me such a warm feeling inside.

Remember there is a second free spot drawing. Read all about it in this post. The thing to remember is, if you have already paid for the class and you are the winner, I will refund your class fee.

So, I'm feeling not so stretched now.
♥ Sharon

PS: I have updated the Cloth to Cloth page. See tabs at the top, just under the header.


  1. Those aren't times?! But I was so looking forward to sitting at the computer at exactly 13:47. Luckily I was in the military and know that 13:47 is really 1:47, so just had to narrow it down to time zone!!!

    The classes so far look great. All things I'm really looking forward to learning and discussing.
    Keep up the good work Sharon.

    PS, I added a button on my blog for your class.

  2. That is a good idea to pick a couple things to do. I find myself 'in limbo' when I get to that place(like today). Sometimes I find that it kicks me into gear to get loads more done after! I have picked my two things for today and one was just relaxing and visiting lovely blogs like yours!

  3. Hi Sharon, I wanted to come over and let you know that no, I'm not a power tool girl--I have an "employee" for that job!