Sunday, March 06, 2011

ART at the SPEED of LIFE - Blog Tour Day 6

In this little town where I live, not many know about "the speed of life". You can go just about anywhere from anywhere in 5 minutes. I live in the country and it takes me 8 minutes to get to my desk downtown.
I know about ART at the SPEED of LIFE though.  That's Pam Carriker's book but what I mean is, I do know about art at-the-speed-of-life.  I manage to grab art-time early in the mornings before going to that other desk downtown.  But I'm also known to grab a little art-time there too.  That's why Pam invited me to share "From the Desk of..." in her book and now on her Book Blog Tour.  Thank you Pam.
The first thing I thought about when invited to participate in the blog tour was the Tour of Homes that this little town has at Christmas time.  I thought about how those homes are showcased with every thing looking perfect and festive and how much everyone enjoys seeing inside other's homes.  And then I thought what fun it is to see other bloggers art desk and studios.
Therefore, From the Desk of Sharon Tomlinson, here's mine.  It isn't looking perfect and festive but it is looking like I have been playing art-at-the-speed-of-life and I have.  This is the aftermath of my latest big project. I just finished preparation for a new online class and when I'm grabbing every moment I can, things get a little out of sorts.

I videoed from four different stations here in my art studio as well as three stations in my sewing studio.  As you can see, the mess followed me.
Pam's book will be a great addition to anyone's art library.  And I know you will enjoy the blog tour also.  The links are down below ready for you to click out the door.  But thanks for coming and do come back.


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15-MARCH - The Art of Julie Bergmann

Enjoy the tour,
♥ Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon, I have been away from blogland a little while and what a lovely surprise to see you are working on a new class. I may just join you on that one too. Textile has always been my thing so this may be just up my street.
    I must say you look very uncomfortable with the tripod in that position. I would find it very hard to draw in that way, so a big star for that one.
    I hope you are keeping well and lovely to see where you work.

  2. Thank you Manon, it's really not as uncomfortable as it looks. I wanted to show it because it is my new video camera and I'm getting great close up demonstrations. The Tree Castle Apron class is registering now and it is packed full of great stuff.
    Again Thanks,

  3. Always fun visiting you in your studio Sharon. Can't imagine how difficult that is to draw with the camera in the position. Impressive!!! So glad you were included in the book and on Pam's Blog Tour.

  4. Thank you Theresa, it's fun for you to be here. Love this blog tour!

  5. Sharon I can not wait to get this book! I love your art and sewing space!!! They are so dreamy and roomy!!!

  6. I have that book and I enjoyed seeing you as a featured artist! Congratulations! YAY!

  7. What a fascinating idea! Art at life speed! We can really relate.

  8. Loving the blog tour. Pam's book is great. So many wonderful artists in one book. Thanks Pam B

  9. Great shots of your desk and studio, Sharon. Love that video camera!

  10. These days my life is going at a speed that pretty much excludes art. I need to carve out some time. You look artistically busy!


  11. Thanks for the tour. I love your Whisper piece.