Friday, March 04, 2011

New Class Face Painting Example

Yes Good Friday Morning!!!!

I am beside myself with excitement because it is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday and the next day is Sunday! (weekend)

Here's why. Last night probably about 9:30 while in the chair zone with some nonsense on the screen, a little snag of inspiration popped right up and out. My first thought was, "I have to sketch this before I forget." Second thought, "on what?" Then, I remembered the new supply of 12 X 12 canvases that I ordered at the beginning of the year. I jumped up and fetched one along with a piece of charcoal all the time thinking how proud I was of myself for listening to the whisper. That is what it is, you know. Inspiration is a whisper.

This morning I bounced out of bed way early because she was waiting. Love my early morning art time with that kind of excitement and a sketch waiting.

I thought about doing a "Morning Art" video but I was too anxious to start painting. I plan on getting back to those morning videos now that I have conquered my new camera and editing.

So, top on my weekend list is to paint and paint and paint my new canvas.  Sorry, I can't show you until I finish cause I didn't take any progression photos.

I did take progression
photos of this
"Queen of her Tree Castle"
on the left which is
an example of the
face painting that
I'm teaching in my
new class,
Tree Castle Apron
a mixed media face
painting and collage

Did you notice that
I put a little video
about about the
new class right up
there on the top
right sidebar?

Take a look
and then for
click over to 
my class site.

It will be so fun if you join me.
♥ Sharon


  1. I always love seeing how you progress through a painting. She's gorgeous!

  2. i have been a little MIA from looking at posts, but I finished the quilt and I hope to have more time...Everything you do is beautiful and like Janet, I think she is gorgeous.

  3. Loved watching these art in progression. Beauty to beauty!

  4. so fun and wonderful~
    i love that you honored your whisper!

  5. Wow, I can see why Pam wanted to include you and your fabulous creations in her book.
    Dianne in Aust