Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Build Zone

As you know, my friend, Deryn and I are running a Second Session of our class Of Towers and Turrets. Registration is open now and the session starts on April 1st.
But, did you know my friend, Deryn has a class called The Build Zone that is still in session?  I am taking her class and these pictures are from my first efforts.  While watching her videos, I took detailed notes and then went to the table and tried the techniques. I kept practicing until I thought "I got it".  
I was very anxious to design my own piece of jewelry using a focal from Of Towers and Turrets.  But jewelry design seemed to come slow to me.  Here is what I learned; I think it felt so unfamiliar and difficult to me because I don't wear jewelry.  And I have resisted making it and learning how to make it for various reasons. But I'M HOOKED!!!
Here is something else I learned;  I'm also hooked on making little sketches of the planned piece.  I discovered this while at my desk in town with the box of elements and beads all laid out in my design.  I was so frustrated that I couldn't be at my desk at home putting it together.  And thinking I would never remember the layout. I started this little sketch and Oh My! What fun that was.
Now at home, I can follow my sketch step by step.  As it comes together, I can make little changes if I want.
This is the beginning.  I will work a bit more on it today but the weather here is so beautiful that I think I will also go outside and work in my gardens and yard.
Enjoy your weekend,


  1. how fun for you! i think the sketch designing is a great idea.
    i soldered my artwork images into pendants and wear them all the time. so much fun to wear something completely yours, and a great conversation piece!

  2. Oh, good! You've started a jewelry journal! Looks like you're hooked for sure, Sharon. Love what you're doing, so far!

  3. Simply beautiful...I love your journal sketches...simply brilliant idea I have never done myself but oh what a great idea! Have a great weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart