Friday, March 11, 2011

My Blue Bird Box

They are back.
I'm not sure when to expect babies because I just discovered their return.
They have been pretty sneaky this year. 
But they must love the accommodations.
♥ Sharon


  1. I just love blue bird time of year at your house (or should I say on your blog?)


  2. So pretty! I hoped that this will be the year I get to see your blue birds, but I guess it will have to be next spring... Still love the "expect" above the nest.

  3. Oh my gosh--eggs already!! You must live farther south than I do.

  4. Oh my goodness what a beautiful picture!!!! I love how you lined your blue bird box the way you have, it took my breath away. What lovely pale blue eggs! I can't believe you have eggs already... We haven't even seen our first bluebird yet. ENJOY!

    Love Carissa

  5. Love this photograph of the bird nest. I am so inspired with how you lined the box with music. You are so creative.