Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Morning World

I am feeling so full of some kind of cosmic energy today.  I can't explain it. It is just when you feel like you need to be doing three or four different things all at one time and you actually do manage to pull it off.

I rose early this morning feeling so rested and ready.  First thing I did was edit a new Morning Art segment.  I uploaded it which takes a couple of hours on my faster that slow and slower than fast net connection.

While that was happening:
I edited a couple more Morning Art segments.
Took down the Christmas stockings and put them away.
(Yea me! The tree is next)
Walked a mile on My Path.
Discovered that I uploaded the wrong Morning Art file. Deleted it and started again.
Showered and made ready for office. Made my lunch.
Videoed another segment of Morning Art which means I painted.
Grabbed my lunch.
Jumped in the car.
Start engine.
Radio is on classical which always makes me take a deep breath and totally release and let go and move into the day ahead. 
a mixed media face painting and fabric collage class
starts in 2 days case you missed it, I added a little 3 minute video at the top of my page here of actual class footage. Take a look-see.


  1. Nice. Days when I accomplish a lot make me feel great! Big hugs and many blessings


  2. Hi Sharon,
    I just love days like yours.
    I have sooo many ideas and my mind keeps procrastinating.

    I am going to sign up for your class for sure!
    I would love to learn how to do that too!
    You are such a wonderful teacher~!
    Thank you for being here for all of us!
    Hugs,Darlene xo

  3. Your art work ia gorgeous and super fun - no wonder your Xmas tree is still up. Is that the truth?