Thursday, June 16, 2011

 I believe I haven't done a good job of telling you about my
Did you buy a set of Inktense when they first became the rage? 
And then did you set them aside not knowing just how to use them? 
Or why they were so great?
I'm guilty too. 
I think I had them two years before I realized the one thing that set them aside from all other water soluble pencils. 
The secret the hold is they become permanent when dry!!!
 Of course Inktense was not put out there to use primarily on fabric. 
But, what fun I discovered when playing with them. 
This is a "mini" class because all the face painting videos are from the 
Tree Castle Apron Class
which is still available. 

There is no sewing in this "mini" class.  
And even though my technique is for fabric, I can think of several fun ways to use your fabric art.
I'm hoping to have time to make a textile wall hanging and incorporate a piece.
I'm going to incorporate some faces in quilts I'm working on.
I'm going to make some of those too. 

Why is this a "MINI" class?
♦ It only cost $40.00
♦  The supply list (shown below) is minimal
♦  It will travel with you on summer vacation very easily.
♦ The big class, Tree Castle Apron included a whole lot more sewing and pattern instruction video and fun PDF patterns.
I look forward to you joining the class. 
♥ Sharon

p.s.     I have DVDs ready to go.  Order now and they will ship today.
p.s.s.  thank you to all who have ordered already.  
p.s.s.s.  thank you to all who encourage me with your words. xoxo


  1. You TAUNT me!! I have 2 inktense pencils that came as a sample with something I ordered at some time. I love those 2 pencils.....I did not realize after wetting and drying they become permanent. Now how am I gonna try to get myself a BIG set of those lovely pencils? I have shirts I want to paint but now I'm thinking the pencils would be so much easier and faster! Maybe if I sneak them in among other bills the price won't be noticed!!! Taunter,taunter!!!

  2. I did a stupid thing.....I had purchased the set of 24 a long time ago....put them away and forgot. THEN recently ordered them again and when I sorted out my supply area what do you think I found??? SOooooo. if anyone taking your classes or buying your mini class DVD (I hope to as well) would like to buy them (I paid 29.49 from Dick Blick + shipping) let them know. They can contact me at oceandreamer1(at)comcast(dot)net
    Your work takes my breath away!

  3. about your cd sharon.....i love it ...i watch it every chance i get so i can absorb it all... i am so happy to be able to watch this lesson and not have to download every time i want to..... hugs

  4. I have these pencils, 72 of them and I use them in a journal and remember what you said another time about wetting the brush and how you did it.

    There is just not a long enough day, I enjoy every minute of each day doing various but the list of various is so long.

    The art in your prevous post is beautiful, her expression is different, to me it speaks of being content. Lovely colors and hair.

    I purchased some outdated glamor magazines and enjoy looking at the eyes and hair, a good source of inspiration and a good source for collage also. It was fun because I had ouatside things to do when my daughter was here, she offered to do the inside things for me and then I said do a page in my journal. So nice.

    Ok I have to go back out, enjoyed my visit.

  5. Don't have the Inktense pencils but I DO have a tree flag :-)


  6. I didn't know that about those pencils! I don't own them...I'm a little late to the party I guess....but will move them up to the top of my acquire list...heehee!

    Thanks for the info! Your faces are truly beautiful :)