Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspiration and Me Today

Me Today

I am new to the blog White Hot Truth,

written by Danielle LaPorte.

In  today's witty post she made the following statement,

"Insight may come in a flash, but it's the result of accumulated noticing--whether you notice it or not."

Danielle, in her witty and truthful way goes on into more detail resulting in a great post you will want to read. 

However, "in a flash" I mentally changed the word insight to Inspiration and read the statement again. And again. 

Because it took me back to Sunday morning when "in a flash", I had a burst of inspiration concerning my next online face painting class.  It was one of those moments that builds and builds until I'm feeling that stirring and swirling in my heart and soul.  Until I know that I must act NOW. Until I can't do anything else.  Until that one moment changes the rest of my day.  I hope you know that feeling.

And the thing is,  Sunday morning, as I was deep in thought I realized the inspiration was a "result of accumulated noticing"
That is to say I had been studying hard on the what, where, when, etc etc each morning while walking in beauty.  
It was the flash of inspiration that connected all the studying that I had accumulated.
I knew I was feeling a passion build and I knew I would need to act on it now while the passion is at its peek. 
I am and I show you Me Today


  1. I like the you and thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Amy

  2. I like seeing all the faces of you!

  3. This looks like so much fun. Like Janet, I like all the faces of you!
    I should do this, it would be something fun that I have never done. We will see! Hugs, mary

  4. Great way to describe that opening of realization...I know several times in my life the place you describe when you "can't not" (double negative I know but it works well in this sentence..lol) It's like there is a bigger plan and we finally "get it"

  5. I so get the "accumulated noticing" but seeing it in words...naming the process....interesting. We all do it. thank you, as always.

  6. I don't know that blog, but will follow the link you gave... Your post is so inspiring! I can actually feel the creative energy bubbling in you! I'm glad you captured it with self-portraits. Always nice to see you! xo

  7. Fun lovely photos, you did them all at once andgot those different looks. I also like your shirt.

    I get over inspired and haradly know which way to turn, then the fear of losing the inspiration creates a lot of feelling jittery for me. It calms quickly if I focus on some artful project.

    What I came here to tell you is everytime I visit I try to put the sisters in order of their birth. I hope they had time to get together this summer.

  8. Inspiration does seem to come in flashes doesn't it? Flashes that are fuled when we aren't aware of it.

    Love your many faces. Did you get your hair cut recently? Looks nice.