Thursday, June 09, 2011

WIP Morning Art

I've started another and I tell you I wish I could have stayed at home with this one today. I think I could get lost in it. I'm very excited with how I left her.  She will draw me out of the chair zone for sure.

I share the work in progress because it seems that I mostly want to share my art here and when I wait for the finished piece, well, who knows how long between post that becomes.

I must tell you how very appreciative I am from the bottom of my heart and middle of my soul for your comments and support of my last piece.  I confess that I love it and still need to just stare at it so I will be ready to part with her when the time comes.

Also, want to thank you for buying my lesson on DVD.
Big hugs,


  1. I can see why it is hard not to keep working on her and do nothing else! She has haunting eyes!

  2. Definitely addicting, can't wait to see her completed. Annette x

  3. She has drawn me in and compels me to return to watch her evolution. I am currently enjoying watching your previous Morning Art videos. You inspire me so much! ♥ Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for sharing your work in progress.
    Always great to see how someone else achieves such results!
    Creative hugs,

  5. Oh, such lovely things to see here, and I have been here off and on, always trying to hurry and hurry, I can be so distracted and thinking about the next thing that I get really sick of myself.

    I get some idea that perhaps you are feeling some of this as I read what you have written." My Pretty"
    yes so true, and of all the things people say "Pretty" has the warmest feeling, I don't mean athat is the highest of words it is just such comfort to read or hear.

    Your WIP is and has such a feeling also, yes it does draw one in and when there is beauty without hair and so often there is much beauty without you know and have that good gut feeling.

    Embrace it all.

  6. Hi Sharon, i found your site via Zorana. And i love your work very much. I have a stamping blog but sometimes i am painting. But I havew no words for what I see by you and Zorana. Marvelous.
    Greet from the Nehterlands

  7. She's drawing me in already!

  8. I wonder how many faces you've done over the years...and you still come up with new & interesting faces to paint. Can't wait to see this new face's evolution and....I don't think I could part with My's gorgeous!

  9. gorgeous, I can see why you will be drawn into this.

  10. I always appreciate the WIP's you share with us. Seeing someone's process is so interesting to me. I enjoy the finished art work but seeing the steps to get there makes me enjoy it that much more.